Sunday, 12 May 2013

Waiting for Rain!

Last weekend we had lovely warm sunshine.  I took the sun cream with us when we were out.  Matt sweltered whilst playing cricket and rugby.  The ground was far to hard to play rugby.

This weekend was somewhat different.

The school cricket match was played in the rain (rain did not really stop play!)
Cricket photos lack a certain something when the main focus is raindrops!

Today started with bright sunshine, and has got more and more blustery and now the rain has arrived.  I decided that the garden chores needed to be done asap (obviously leaving me more time to craft this afternoon! )

My poor garden is trying so hard, but Mother Nature has a different plan at the moment.  It would be so nice to see some warm, gentle sunshine to nurture the plants and flowers.  Even some of my roses have been "burnt" by the harsh winds and late frosts.  I have gaps in the borders and at the moment am a bit reluctant to fill them.  I'm trying to work out what can survive these extremes of weather.  I know my garden is exposed, but this the South East of England!  Any ideas for something pink and early flowering?

After I'd cut the grass and tidied up a bit, the rain hadn't quite arrived, so I took a few photos.  I thought I'd sit and have a cup of tea and try and get some photos of the birds in the garden.  They are still so noisy and busy at the moment.  I love it.  However, it was pretty much silent and none were around.  
This was why!  He flew in and landed in the apple tree!

I've no idea - kestrel, sparrow hawk?  It's difficult to tell as I couldn't see his head, and obviously I couldn't move as that would have frightened him away.

This is him in flight.  Any ideas?

Back to my garden - 

 Clumps of thyme
 Apple blossom
 Fire - something Euphorbia.  This photo doesn't do the bright colour justice.

 Cow parsley and forget-me-nots.  I'm trying to keep parts of my garden more natural - without things like the cow parsley taking over!
 Loving these white tulips at the moment.  The green vein detailing is stunning.  I admire them every time I walk up the garden path.
 The bluebells are wonderful in the hedgerows - but I can't seem to take a photo which shows are stunning and bright they are.
 A delicate pulsatilla

Best get the washing in before the rain then!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sara x


  1. Your bird looks like a sparrowhawk to me Sarah. We once had one visit our garden. He sat on our bench and proceeded to eat a sparrow!

    I think I'd be quite happy if cow parsley took over my garden -I love it.

    1. I love cow parsley too! :) But my husband likes things to be neat and ordered in the garden - it's a bit of a juggling act!
      I've seen the sparrow hawk use the bird feeder to help himself to the odd sparrow, but never seen it land before in the garden. It really was eerily islet whilst he was there. x

  2. Your garden looks lovely to me! We've had crazy weather these last few days - blustery, sun then heavy showers, and so cold! I long for some gentle, warm sun... x

    1. Cold, gales and heavy rain now. It's no fun. x