Friday, 24 May 2013


Well, I'm just about to go and pick Matt up from school.  Half term is starting and it's Bank Holiday weekend.  Shame no one has told the weather - on my drive to the supermarket to get food for the weekend and the boys camp out (!) it is 6 degrees here.  That's what we expect in January.  Oh well - heating is on and I will enjoy a glass of wine this dismal evening.  I am becoming a weather bore.  I am so desperate to feel some sunshine on my skin - greedy I know, but for a few consecutive days!

I hope these little birds that fledged yesterday are ok.  I've put plenty of food out today as I don't imagine there are many bugs to be caught, and I assume they need more to keep warm in these temperatures.

Off to collect a grumpy teenager from school.

Sara x

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