Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Long Weekend

Isn't it great having a bit more time?  It is a real luxury - and slightly less sport for Matt than usual too, which means more time at home. (Although an early start tomorrow for a rugby match)

Yesterday I managed to finish 2 WIP (only taken photos of one though).  I saw something similar to this when a friend and I went to the yarn show in London a couple of weeks ago.  I treated myself to some Baby Alpaca yarn, which is beautiful and soft and just plain gorgeous to work with.  So, this is what I created:

I even used my little sewing machine.  Very nervous I was too.  Sewing machines have always had a mind of their own in my hands, and straight lines are beyond me.  However, I took my time, and this is much better than my normal attempts.  In fact, I would say I am quite proud of it!  :)
I measured it out, and all my nice handled hooks fit in size order and my pretty scissors in the middle.

Now my only crochet project is the ripple for Matt.  Time to give it some undivided attention.  (Until I buy some more yarn for all those ideas whizzing around in my mind.)

Today, I've finished a couple of cards and gift card holders for my god daughter and her sister whose birthdays are in the next couple of weeks.

I also bought some new inks and card to make some different cards, similar to some I'd seen on the Penny Black blog  I think these will be very useful to have to hand, for birthdays, thank you's etc.

Off to finish off now, and have an early night, but want to fit in some crochet time first.

Sara x

Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

I just about finished my cards and got them posted! But somehow Easter arrived when I wasn't looking! I had great plans - even bought a new stamp, ink, and papers to create lovely intricate Easter cards for my family and friends - but had to change to a simpler, quicker option when I realised I needed to get them in the post by Wednesday!
Maybe I could try again for next year?! I have created the sample and was really pleased but it certainly wasn't a 5 minute make.
Here are some of the cards I did send. All fairly similar but each is slightly different. The image is from Pink Petticoat  - I love her images. :)

I had planned to finish work early yesterday and pop to the shops to get supplies for the weekend.  I think I was overly optimistic! Trying to fit a 5 day week into 3 days (we took Monday off to go to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London), and it is the tax year end.  Oh well, I'm sure we won't starve!  But I don't want to waste my Bank Holiday in Tescos!  It does mean that we won't have any Hot Cross Buns today, but there is a little bit of Lucy's Lemon Drizzle Cake left in here.
It is rather delicious - so it isn't so sad that we don't have Hot Cross Buns.

Matt still has cricket training tonight!  And then a rugby match on Sunday - away, an early start and on the morning that clocks go forward!  I guess the people who organise these sports don't need Bank Holidays and family time to re-charge their batteries.  However, it isn't forever, and we always support Matt in the sporting opportunities he is given, so we will get him there.

I had thought I'd make an "Easter Tree" - you know those beautiful creations many people have created with flowers, eggs and some spring twigs you see on other peoples blogs?  I'm not hopeful, but will keep trying.  I  have made some crochet flowers, probably not enough, the Easter basket was awful (I'll stick to making paper ones, but realised this too late) and the chick I made looks demonic!  Not cute Easter at all.  He will not be on display.

Off to go and potter around now.  If the weather stays dry I might venture in to the garden for a couple of hours - mainly to sweep up the compost the black bird has kindly re-arranged over the paths for me!

Happy Easter!

Sara x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Back to Normal

Well - the builders finished on Friday.  :)  A great job, but what a lot of tidying up required!

Matt went to Iceland on Friday with school (they broke up on Thursday for Easter), and he's back home now.  The washing machine is on.

And I was a bit lazy and paid a cleaner to finish off.  I promise I did work hard over the weekend, but it was nice to have someone come and do the last bits.  So my house, is newly decorated (in part), mainly tidy (until Matt came home) and clean!

I can now get back to crafting.  Finishing off my Easter cards tonight as they need to be posted tomorrow, and then I shall be rippling.   I can't wait.


Monday, 18 March 2013


We have had builders in this week, repairing the ceiling after the water leak.

First the rest of the ceiling had to come down - which creates quite a lot of dust to say the least.

And then there is quite a lot of work involved putting it all back together, and making sure the electrics are right after water running through the light fitting!

I think, what I am trying to say, is that I haven't done much rippling this week - and what I have done, I've neglected to take any photos of.  (I did have a day out on Saturday though - up to London to a yarn show.  A very indulgent, happy day.)

I took some photos so you could understand.

The builders hope to finish by the end of the week, so normal crafting service will be resumed shortly, and I will try and catch up with the Ripple Along  I can see lots of great progress has been made by others this week, so I shall need to get busy at the weekend!

 The photo above is my dining room!

 The ceiling in my dining room

 Repairs waiting to be completed
 This is the conservatory, where an awful lot of my kitchen and dining room can currently be found!

Thanks for stopping by, and I am hoping to be able to share more progress next week.  xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Yet More Snow!

Goodness - if I thought there was snow yesterday - you should have seen it this morning!

Well you can - this is the walk to school.  My son's school has some boarders, so remains open no matter what.  Luckily (I am not entirely sure he would agree!) we were able to walk to school.  I think he was rather hoping for a duvet day!

 Not sure what you'd call the above but the snow had formed little snowballs at the start of the footpath.

 Snow drifts!
 It was quite deep.
 More snow drifts.
 It really was quite deep
 Almost home
 In my back garden
 It did snow hard, and the wind blew hard too
And then the sun came out, and Smudge found the perfect spot to enjoy it in!
The sun stayed out for a couple of hours, and the wind dropped making it a beautiful afternoon, and enough warmth for the roads to clear.
Matt's sport has been cancelled tomorrow - so another day in the office for me.
Oh well - must go and make some supper, and then hopefully some time to craft.  :)


Monday, 11 March 2013


This time last week we were enjoying a lovely few days.  Warm sunshine, and the garden was coming to life.  Today however, it is a different story!

The builders came to start work in the dining room.  They have taken the rest of the ceiling down (I know it was November that we had the leak - you wouldn't believe how long it has taken to get it sorted, but the end is in sight now).
 Rather beautiful isn't it!  Victorian beams revealed, and a few wires and pipes which are less attractive.

I'm looking forward to the finished product and a neat and tidy dining room in a week or so's time.  I can't believe how far the contents of one room have spread!

I didn't think I would be posting any more snow pictures for a while - but .....

Today in the garden

 It has snowed

And snowed

 And blown a gale

 The daffodils aren't happy

 The hellebores are weighed down

 The robin is waiting for more food

 The pansies and violas are still trying to be cheerful
 I'm hoping the rose shoots don't mind this cold blast
Since I took these photos at about 4pm, there has been another inch or so of snow, with more forecast for tonight.
Maybe I can have an easy day tomorrow and squeeze in some extra crafting?!  
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Or maybe, I'll be hoovering up another layer of dust?!  That's not quite so much fun.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

I've had a lovely day. My son bought me a dozen creme eggs and a CD. He knows me well!!
Then it was off to watch him play rugby in the Sussex U15 team. Goodness it was freezing but not so muddy as the last match. Thank Goodness. I don't think my washing machine would have coped with a repeat of that.
A nice family meal and some time to crochet.
A few flowers for my Easter project - although I'm not sure I'm happy with the direction it's taking. I might need to reassess.
But my ripple is coming along nicely.
I'm now sitting in bed, just finishing off another stripe.
I wonder how the others are doing at the Ripple Along here.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mother's Day Cards


Not much to say today - the weather has been dull, damp and dismal.  I've hid in the office, and to be honest, not achieved very much, but I guess we all have days like that.

I have however, made the attached and would like to enter it in this weeks Sketch Saturday Challenge.

Thanks for looking.

Sara x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I just thought I would share the photos I took yesterday of the crocus in my garden.  They made me smile :)

We are enjoying the warmer days here.
I'm ignoring the forecast for cooler weather and rain by the weekend.  For now, Spring is here and it's lovely.

Sara x

Monday, 4 March 2013


Maybe Spring has arrived?!

Sunshine at last.  I even put my washing out to dry - the first time this year I think.  Although it was a little cold at first.  You can see the ice on the washing line!

The house now smells of fresh washing as it is airing.  I love that smell.  :)

A pheasant visited the garden this morning.  I took these through the window so that I didn't scare him away.

 I think he's checking out the competition in the glass!!
 I made a hat this week too!
 Trying to be artistic with my photo - not quite there yet!!
 And some fingerless mitts.
And some work on the ripple.  I'm really quite pleased with how it's coming along - although I might not finish as quickly as other people!!

Better sign off now - to go and get rippling along.

Sara x