Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Yet More Snow!

Goodness - if I thought there was snow yesterday - you should have seen it this morning!

Well you can - this is the walk to school.  My son's school has some boarders, so remains open no matter what.  Luckily (I am not entirely sure he would agree!) we were able to walk to school.  I think he was rather hoping for a duvet day!

 Not sure what you'd call the above but the snow had formed little snowballs at the start of the footpath.

 Snow drifts!
 It was quite deep.
 More snow drifts.
 It really was quite deep
 Almost home
 In my back garden
 It did snow hard, and the wind blew hard too
And then the sun came out, and Smudge found the perfect spot to enjoy it in!
The sun stayed out for a couple of hours, and the wind dropped making it a beautiful afternoon, and enough warmth for the roads to clear.
Matt's sport has been cancelled tomorrow - so another day in the office for me.
Oh well - must go and make some supper, and then hopefully some time to craft.  :)



  1. Gosh that's quite a lot of snow you've had there! It's been bitterly cold in Leeds but no snow has settled. But I always think the combination of sunlight and snow makes for lots of light in the house so at least it's not gloomy!

    Gillian x

    1. The sun is still shining - which is lovely. But as we have builders replacing a ceiling, the dust is twinkling as much as the snow! :)

  2. Brrrr. I'm in Hastings and drove down from London just in time to not get caught out in The Blizzard! Garden still heaped with snow, but hurrah, the icicles are dripping... And last week, I gardened for the whole day in shirtsleeves...

  3. It's beautiful and sunny and the snow looks lovely - but I cna't wait for Spring to come back.

  4. Hi there, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog tonight. Now I see why you are as keen as I am for spring to come! I hope you had a fab time at the yarn show! xx

  5. The yarn show was fantastic - and I bought some baby alpaca yarn - which has to be the softest ever! :)
    The snows gone - but lots of rain now. Where is Spring??

  6. I am astonished at the amount of snow around still. Good crafting weather though. Stay warm.

    1. It's all melted now - but more forecast again! Where is Spring?!