Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Colour

I like to take photos throughout the year of my garden to remind me of the changing seasons and the colours that are there at different times.

I came to the conclusion today that there weren't many options, but when I looked closely there were little isolated spots of colour.

 The hellebores - above and below are doing well.
 Some primroses nestled among the fallen leaves at the bottom of the hedge.
 A more brightly coloured primula (hope I've got that the right way round) sitting with the hellebores.

 A self seeded euphorbia - not really a flower, but the new growth is bright and vibrant in the sunshine.
 Lichen glistening at the bottom of the apple tree.
 Heathers around the patio.

 Snowdrops - but I don't think there are as many coming through this year - maybe some have rotted away in the wet ground.
 Fluffy grasses blowing in the wind.
 Rosehips - maybe it was good that I didn't quite get round to cutting this rose back!

There are lots of bulbs coming through now, so hopefully if we get some more sun and warmth, the garden will be full of brighter colours in a few weeks.

Thanks for looking.

Sara x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sugar Nellie


My first attempt at colouring a Sugar Nellie image, and I'm quite pleased with the result if I say so myself!  I really enjoyed colouring with my copics and the backing papers I used were from a new echo park paper pad - For the Record.  Perfect spring colours, I think.  And after the lovely sunny day today, hopefully Spring is just round the corner.

I would like to enter the card in the current Sugar Bowl Challenge

Thank you for looking.

Sara x

Friday, 25 January 2013

A little gift

I loved the heart hanger that Lucy made, and new it would be a perfect gift for my cousin who renews her wedding vows tomorrow.  My cousin lost her wedding ring when her father was ill recently and it has totally disappeared.  It is her 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow, so she and her husband are renewing their vows and having the new ring blessed.  Her daughter is making a reading and her toddler son is going to give the ring to the vicar.  Doesn't that sound lovely.

Anyway her little gift is on its way to her, and I hope she likes it.

Thanks again Lucy at Attic 24

The link above will take you to Lucy's post and the heart pattern from there.  Hope I've posted this correctly as I have used Lucy's ideas to make this.

Have a good weekend.


Sunday, 20 January 2013


There has been lots more snow today.  In fact it has been snowing all day.  It is easing now, but this is the first time.  I'm waiting for an email from school confirming arrangements for tomorrow.

My son has shared his horrid cold with me - generous boy that he is.  I have spent the day (and last night) feeling particularly awful.  Hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement.

Our cat has enjoyed the heating being on for longer than normal!
She has been in that position for most of the day.

Me - whilst feeling sorry for myself ( I really don't do ill, there just isn't time), after 2 failed attempts I've crocheted a sock.  :)  Despite the patterns saying suitable for UK size 6/ EU 39 - they would have only fitted a toddler!  I even made a tension square, so I've no idea what I was doing wrong.  But I am so glad I persevered and found another pattern to use.

 I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.  I'd totally forgotten I had this rather lovely pure alpaca yarn in my stash!  Perfect for keeping my feet warm on cold days.
Thanks to Lucy at Attic 24, my rediscovered love of crochet means, I might actually use some of the yarn I've collected over the years.  I can't even remember what I bought this for.  Whoops!
On the plus side - in the 20+ years of being married, my husband has never cooked a Sunday roast, and today he's had to.  So every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

I'd better make a start on the second sock now.


PS - I found the pattern on revelry -

Friday, 18 January 2013


Along with lots of other people, I thought I'd share my snow photos.  It has been lovely today (despite having to work - that's one disadvantage of working from home, and going down with a cold), but we are looking forward to a weekend at home (and selfishly not having to take my son to any sport nor wash any sports kit. )
 Mr Robin asking for more food
 Hellebores battling through the snow

 A couple of photos of the lane

 Thankfully the horses have been fed
 A noisy wagtail

 Blue tits on the feeder

 View from the patio - although I won't be sitting outside with a cuppa enjoying the view today!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I love the sound of breaking ice

It has been so cold here today.  When I picked my son up from school this afternoon it was already minus 3.  So maybe we will get some snow, and that will give me some extra craft time.  I'm looking forward to that as I was far too busy in the office today.  I know it pays the bills, but it left little time for day dreaming and looking around blogland!

This morning was really gorgeous.  A crisp, cold, sunny morning and I took my camera out, so I could share.

The puddles had iced over - it was really thick ice, which made a really loud noise as we broke it in our wellies.  Such fun!  The bird song was load and the air fresh.  So lucky to be able to enjoy a morning like this.

A panoramic view on the way to school
 Looking through the field from my garden
 The fennel is still looking good - I'm glad I didn't get around to cutting it down
 The rhubarb is beginning to come through - and I though the leaf looked wonderful glistening in the frost.
 She was hungry this morning, and insisted on checking my coat and bag in case there was anything she and her friends might like.
 School Chapel
 Frosty buds on the cherry tree
 Frosty grasses

A robin waits for breakfast

Sara x

Friday, 11 January 2013

Work Space

I think I might need to have a tidy up tomorrow, before embarking on anything else crafty.
My desk is full, and I'm beginning to forget what the carpet looks like too underneath all my "ideas!".

I'm progressing, albeit slowly, with my scrap book.

A completed view from Hampton Court Flower Show

And tomorrow's pages to work on

And I couldn't resist sharing the view from my desk earlier today

I wonder if the birds know it is due to get colder?  There has been a frenzy of activity over the last couple of days.  An awful lot of seed has been consumed by my feathered friends.

Is it wrong to hope for horrid weather this weekend, so that I can get on with scrap booking, card making and crochet?  I want to finish my ripple blanket, I bought the yarn for the edging today, I have already bought yarn to make another one, for my son, and some lovely Rico Aran caught my eye today, so I'd like to have a play with that too.  Really there isn't time for anything else - so I expect my desk will look even worse by Sunday evening  :) !  

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A completed gift!

I love walking to school with Matt - usually!  I love the fresh air, the chance to talk without anything getting in the way, being able to scrunch through leaves, see spiders webs, watch rabbits shoot down holes and lots of other lovely little things which set my day up, make me smile and appreciate the changing seasons.  However, at the moment, I am struggling to find too much fun in this!
The water is past my ankle.  It is making walking tricky and slow.  
Matt is waiting for me to fall over so that he can get "the best picture ever".  I'm not sure I share his excitement!

This is a footpath, not a stream!  

I've never seen it like this for so long a period.  I guess it can only get better.  I hope the bluebells will still be able to survive.

I thought I would share the first of my completed projects for the year.  I had hoped to finish it before Christmas, but as we all know, other bits get in the way!
I saw various versions of these flowers on the internet, and enlarged some pictures, counted the stitches and had a go myself.  I'm quite pleased with the scarf.  I shall give it to a friend - a bit of a late birthday present.

And here it is boxed up and ready to be delivered tomorrow.

I hope she likes it.

Off to do some more scrap booking now.  I'm currently on our Summer 2011 holiday.  So still a little bit behind, but there are so many WIP to tackle!

I could really do with an early night too ..........


Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to normal

I guess the holidays have to end at some point, otherwise we'd never appreciate them.  But it really did feel like the middle of the night when the alarm went off this morning, for me to wake Matt up and walk to school.  But we've both made it through the day.  Thankfully he doesn't have any homework, so is now sitting down relaxing in front of the TV.

Going back to work was tiring, but the first day is done!

I have made a card for a friends birthday - I am quite pleased with it.  The first one of the year (I think) as I have been trying to put my scrapbook together for the previous year.  I always try and organise the photos for the next scrapbook during the Christmas break.  Hopefully, I will now be enthusiastic enough to finish off 2011, before embarking on 2012!  I think I put off the 2011 one as it was such a tough year with Nan dying and my sisters cancer diagnosis, but I am now tackling it, and like most things in life, once you actually get on with it, its not half as scary as you think!  Thats all very deep for a blog isn't it?

On a lighter note - here is my card.

I'd like to enter it on the   Crafty Creations Challenge - Something New.  I used a new Hero Arts stamp and a new pad of paper.

Thanks for looking.

Sara x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Sunshine

What a lovely way to start the New Year.  It is my husbands birthday today too.

The weather here has been lovely and we have been out for a walk with my mum.  It has blown the cobwebs away!  But after such a late night last night, I feel much better, although I won't be late to bed tonight!
Now I'm looking forward to an early supper, a glass of wine, and finishing off my crochet scarf.