Sunday, 20 January 2013


There has been lots more snow today.  In fact it has been snowing all day.  It is easing now, but this is the first time.  I'm waiting for an email from school confirming arrangements for tomorrow.

My son has shared his horrid cold with me - generous boy that he is.  I have spent the day (and last night) feeling particularly awful.  Hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement.

Our cat has enjoyed the heating being on for longer than normal!
She has been in that position for most of the day.

Me - whilst feeling sorry for myself ( I really don't do ill, there just isn't time), after 2 failed attempts I've crocheted a sock.  :)  Despite the patterns saying suitable for UK size 6/ EU 39 - they would have only fitted a toddler!  I even made a tension square, so I've no idea what I was doing wrong.  But I am so glad I persevered and found another pattern to use.

 I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.  I'd totally forgotten I had this rather lovely pure alpaca yarn in my stash!  Perfect for keeping my feet warm on cold days.
Thanks to Lucy at Attic 24, my rediscovered love of crochet means, I might actually use some of the yarn I've collected over the years.  I can't even remember what I bought this for.  Whoops!
On the plus side - in the 20+ years of being married, my husband has never cooked a Sunday roast, and today he's had to.  So every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

I'd better make a start on the second sock now.


PS - I found the pattern on revelry -


  1. I wanted to make socks for months now, but I have problems following a pattern. I get distracted, forget to count and make a mess, every time. I'm more of a instinctive crocheter.

  2. The pattern I found was really easy - it only took a just over an hour to make each sock - so not too much counting! I don't think I could cope with anything too tricky!