Friday, 18 January 2013


Along with lots of other people, I thought I'd share my snow photos.  It has been lovely today (despite having to work - that's one disadvantage of working from home, and going down with a cold), but we are looking forward to a weekend at home (and selfishly not having to take my son to any sport nor wash any sports kit. )
 Mr Robin asking for more food
 Hellebores battling through the snow

 A couple of photos of the lane

 Thankfully the horses have been fed
 A noisy wagtail

 Blue tits on the feeder

 View from the patio - although I won't be sitting outside with a cuppa enjoying the view today!


  1. You have so many more birds visiting your garden than I do Sara. There's the robin but not much else. I stopped feeding them because we had rats visiting the garden and of course the birds have stopped bothering to come and look for food. Such a shame. There are lots of jays around nearby though which are a joy to see.

  2. Yes - we had rats a few years ago - horrid things! And so brave! I didn't take photos of the crows, pigeons and magpies - they aren't as pretty! x