Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I love the sound of breaking ice

It has been so cold here today.  When I picked my son up from school this afternoon it was already minus 3.  So maybe we will get some snow, and that will give me some extra craft time.  I'm looking forward to that as I was far too busy in the office today.  I know it pays the bills, but it left little time for day dreaming and looking around blogland!

This morning was really gorgeous.  A crisp, cold, sunny morning and I took my camera out, so I could share.

The puddles had iced over - it was really thick ice, which made a really loud noise as we broke it in our wellies.  Such fun!  The bird song was load and the air fresh.  So lucky to be able to enjoy a morning like this.

A panoramic view on the way to school
 Looking through the field from my garden
 The fennel is still looking good - I'm glad I didn't get around to cutting it down
 The rhubarb is beginning to come through - and I though the leaf looked wonderful glistening in the frost.
 She was hungry this morning, and insisted on checking my coat and bag in case there was anything she and her friends might like.
 School Chapel
 Frosty buds on the cherry tree
 Frosty grasses

A robin waits for breakfast

Sara x

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