Monday, 24 June 2013

Holiday Planning

Not long until we go away now - to find the sun!  :)

So, this weekend it was time to update a few bits of clothing (I don't get quite so excited about a new bikini these days - no matter what the bikini is like, it's the body that's the problem!  But I love the feel of the sun on my skin, so I refuse to totally cover up!).  

But most of the preparation so far, is what yarn to take, and how much can I get in my case!

First job was to finish the cushion which has been hanging around for ages.  I couldn't work out how to finish it.  The butterflies are good - but I wish I'd made it more colourful.  The idea of just picking a couple of colours from the ripple blanket, was to make it match, but not blend in.  The idea is better than the reality - but you live and learn.

My entrance hall is bright and cheerful now.

Then on to holiday planning - big time:

Cards prepared and written to be sent to those whilst we are away:

I've decided to leave Matts ripple behind

And time for some new projects!

Christmas Gifts - thanks to The Patchwork Heart

New yarn ordered - whoops!

And, if I can squeeze all that style craft in my case - time for a new throw.

Using a pattern by Lucy at Attic 24 - The Summer Garden Granny

So much to do - and all exciting happy stuff.

(I won't mention that I get stressed trying to get everything organised before holidays!)

Sara x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Still playing

After Matt's practice DofE expedition, he returned home last night tired, hungry and quite grubby!  However, a good nights sleep, and although his blisters were obviously painful, he was off to school this morning.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly kids rebound.

Although it has been warm today, it hasn't been wall to wall sunshine by any means.  In fact this morning was distinctly gloomy.  However, I had a few minutes to play with my camera, before work.  As it had rained over night, I was determined to try and take some photos of the water droplets on leaves.  I love the way the alchemilla mollis holds individual drops of water, and they sparkle on a sunny morning.

Here are my attempts to show this:

I know they are all fairly similar - but I was having fun!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Music on a Summers Evening

Term is drawing to a close for my son.  I know they break up early, but he goes back in August.

After last weeks busy time with exams, tonight was the last concert of the year.  Played outside in sunshine.  Who could ask for more?

My dad joined us too.  What a lovely end to Fathers Day.

Hope you've had a good weekend too.


Thursday, 13 June 2013


I have my new camera!  At last!  :)

This afternoon was spent watching cricket - I'm quite pleased with the results, as it is very different to use than my existing camera.

A couple of samples.

 Matt wicket keeping
 It wasn't exactly sunny!
About to bat

Hoping to play some more over the weekend.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Pure Indulgance

Will you indulge me?  Just a little?
When I was a little child, I always wanted to live in a cottage in the country with a horse, a dog and cats.  I tried to get a horse - and failed.  The same can be said about a dog.  But we've always had cats, and we moved to a cottage in the country 10 years ago.  There is barely a week that goes by, when I don't look outside and think that we are lucky.  I am so glad we have been able to bring up our son in such surroundings.

In my childhood dream, my cottage had roses round the front door.  Pink, of course.

And this is what I have grown.  I love walking up the path when the rose and clematis are in flower.

Having taken this photo, I thought I'd have a wonder around to see what else was looking good today.

 The apple tree and shrub have created and archway at the door of the greenhouse.
(Please ignore the junk outside!)

 The vibernum is stunning.  I love that the snowball is made up of so many individual flowers.

 The bees were out in force at lunchtime.

 And a little butterfly. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I have enjoyed sharing the garden with you.


Sunday, 9 June 2013


There has been a lot of cricket this weekend.

I was concerned on Friday that we might get sunburnt.  I need not have worried.  Frostbite was more of an issue!

Saturday we watched Matt play at Canterbury.  After almost 2 hours in the car, the sun had disappeared behind thick grey cloud and the wind was blowing.  Hard.  I have never heard the wind whistle through the sight screens during a cricket match.  To be honest, I could live without hearing it again.  It was very cold!

Obviously, Kings at Canterbury is a very important school.  Firstly, we were treated to the Red Arrows!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I found the dicentra!

Matt is still revising, so after work (we work from home) I am at home, so that I am on hand whilst he revises.  I don't see my job to do the revision, but to be around to provide the support and environment to get him through.

So, I am spending more time in the garden!  

Tonight I'm sharing what I missed yesterday.

The astrantia is flowering,
as is this rose in the hedge.  I don't recall it flowering before.

I thought the dicentra had died, but it has finally appeared, in amongst the greenery.

I don't know what this plant is?  Again this is the first year it has flowered.

So whilst there are some plants that have really struggled with the weather, others have flourished like never before.

This is the only alium (so far) which has flowered.  Last year there were some wonderful giant ones, which I'd bought at the Chelsea Flower Show.

I don't think you can beat the evening sunlight.  If only I could sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy it for more than 2 minutes at a time!!

One day....

Sara x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sunshine in the garden

I was hoping that the next time I took photos in the garden, it would be with my new camera.

Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary (!) and the camera was due in.  We had a lovely lunch, sitting outside a local pub in the sunshine, and then popped to the shop.  The camera hasn't arrived, and they can't give us a date yet.  Oh well, patience is good for the soul!

I sat outside again at lunchtime today and made some more bunting triangles for Lucy at Attic 24.  These are such fun.

And I'm loving seeing them on Facebook and blogs.  No two are the same.

My garden is much happier now - much more colour and the greens of the grass (and daisies and buttercups) and leaves on plants are really lush and vibrant.

 I wish you could smell this vanilla nemesia.  Every time I walk by, the scent is amazing.
 The clematis above and the rose below, wind their way under my kitchen window and by the front door.  Another of my favourite combinations.  An accident really.  I planted the clematis - a cheapie from Wilkos or Tescos, and it didn't seem to be doing anything, so I added the rose.  Now they make a beautiful display together.
 The rose is full of buds.  Another few days and there will be a colour explosion.

I'm quite glad I didn't get round to clearing the seeds off the drive now.

 The irises are huge this year - well those that are in flower at the moment.  I guess they've liked the rain.

 Sorry - I've found some new settings on my computer to manipulate the photos - so I've had a bit of a play around!
 You can't beat a little geranium.  I think they look a happy, bright plant.
 More aquiliega!!!

 Pink cornflower.  Great, the flowers don't last long.  But the splash of colour is worth it.
 The first of the Stipa are out.  Another plant I wouldn't want to be without.  These oat heads will be there until late autumn - or even through the winter if they don't get beaten down by the wind.
 A pretty little yellow flower - but I have no idea what this is.

Thanks for looking and indulging my passion for my garden.

I'm sitting in the conservatory watching the sun go down - what a privilege to live here.