Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sunshine in the garden

I was hoping that the next time I took photos in the garden, it would be with my new camera.

Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary (!) and the camera was due in.  We had a lovely lunch, sitting outside a local pub in the sunshine, and then popped to the shop.  The camera hasn't arrived, and they can't give us a date yet.  Oh well, patience is good for the soul!

I sat outside again at lunchtime today and made some more bunting triangles for Lucy at Attic 24.  These are such fun.

And I'm loving seeing them on Facebook and blogs.  No two are the same.

My garden is much happier now - much more colour and the greens of the grass (and daisies and buttercups) and leaves on plants are really lush and vibrant.

 I wish you could smell this vanilla nemesia.  Every time I walk by, the scent is amazing.
 The clematis above and the rose below, wind their way under my kitchen window and by the front door.  Another of my favourite combinations.  An accident really.  I planted the clematis - a cheapie from Wilkos or Tescos, and it didn't seem to be doing anything, so I added the rose.  Now they make a beautiful display together.
 The rose is full of buds.  Another few days and there will be a colour explosion.

I'm quite glad I didn't get round to clearing the seeds off the drive now.

 The irises are huge this year - well those that are in flower at the moment.  I guess they've liked the rain.

 Sorry - I've found some new settings on my computer to manipulate the photos - so I've had a bit of a play around!
 You can't beat a little geranium.  I think they look a happy, bright plant.
 More aquiliega!!!

 Pink cornflower.  Great, the flowers don't last long.  But the splash of colour is worth it.
 The first of the Stipa are out.  Another plant I wouldn't want to be without.  These oat heads will be there until late autumn - or even through the winter if they don't get beaten down by the wind.
 A pretty little yellow flower - but I have no idea what this is.

Thanks for looking and indulging my passion for my garden.

I'm sitting in the conservatory watching the sun go down - what a privilege to live here.



  1. You have so much growing in your garden, thank you for sharing it with us. Happy belated anniversary. I hope you had fun at the wedding. x

  2. Thank you - the wedding was lovely and my bag and wrap were admired :)
    The garden is a WIP too! When we moved here 10 years ago - there was virtually nothing in the garden. It is very exposed - so it has been a challenge to find things that will survive, and support bees and bugs. x