Friday, 26 September 2014



As you know I'm not able to go to Yarndale this year.

But if you are going, could you let me know if you see this round a lamp post - probably in the park? I am quite excited knowing it should be there (assuming it hasn't been stolen!)

Have fun if you are going - I shall be thinking of you.

I have managed to convince hubby to take me to the local craft shop tomorrow - they have a demo day, so I should get a crafty fix anyway.  Clearly it has to be fitted in between rugby and the golf.  I'm guessing there won't be a lot going on round here on Sunday, unless you count two males sitting on sofas and the TV on!

Plenty of crochet time for me - my project list is growing faster than my hook can hook!

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing.


Monday, 22 September 2014

The Handmade Fair

Rather than going to Yarndale this year, my craft friend and I thought we would try something different and a little cheaper.  (Yarndale required lots of driving and a stay in a hotel - great fun, but not a cheap weekend.)  So when we saw the Handmade Fair being advertised we thought it fitted the bill.

In fact, due to my foot op in August, it was perfect.  We had booked the tickets before I knew my hospital date, but we had held off booking the train tickets.  Kindly my friend offered to drive to save us travelling across London by train.  I have to say I was very grateful as I was a little apprehensive about someone treading on my foot!  But I was determined to go.

Our journey couldn't have been simpler.  We pre-booked the parking and an hour and 5 minutes after leaving home, we had parked at Hampton Court.

The fair is Kirstie Allsopp's creation and is new this year.  It is quite different to other craft fairs I have been to.  There was an emphasis on getting involved with different crafts.  Claire and I booked to go to a crochet class with Jane Crowfoot.  I can now add beads to my crochet!  You have to reverse your work to get the beads on the front - simple when you  know how.  The class was open to all, and not everyone could crochet - so for the complete novice it was a little challenging, to say the least.  But crafters are lovely people and there were many people who were there to do the class, who turned in to tutors to help the people around them.

We also took part in a pom-pom making group.  This was great fun too - and I bought a pom-pom making kit.  I'm thinking crochet cushions with pom pom edgings.  Another thing to add to my ever increasing project list!

We also listed to Kirstie interviewing Cath Kidston.  Did you know they are cousins?

There was also time for shopping, and tea drinking with a slice of cake - essential you understand to rest my foot regularly.  The weather was kind, and it was a real joy to sit outside and watch the world go by, in such beautiful surroundings.  I'm not sure if would have been quite such a great day out, if it had been raining!

I also came home with a clasp to hold a scarf, some yarn to felt, and lots of ideas for Christmas presents.  

All in all a great fun day out.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

September in my Garden

I'm really enjoying this warm weather, and making the most of sitting in my garden and enjoying the last bit of Summer.  Obviously this is slightly forced on me as I can't drive at the moment.  Goodness I'd be even grumpier about it if the sun weren't shining!

I'm sure I've said before that I am always disappointed with my garden in August.  I come back from Spain, where the colours are vivid and the sunlight bright, and my garden never quite lives up to what I hoped.  There's just not enough colour, and I don't seem to be able to sort it out.  Bedding plants aren't really an option as we are often away for 3 or 4 weeks and that's a lot of watering for my poor dad! And I can't think of any wind tolerant perennials that flower late July and August.

But come September, there is a last dash of colour before Winter takes hold.  We start cutting things back, so those colourful plants have more room to show off too.

I thought I would share the colour that is around today, before the rain and storms which are forecast hit us tonight and tomorrow!  (Typical - I am due a day in London at the Handmade Fair tomorrow.  It's on at Hampton Court.  I promise I will rest lots too, but my friend and I had booked the tickets before I knew the date for my operation.  I can't wait - a whole day out.)

I have replanted my pots with winter pansies and violas so they are ready for the coming few months.

Apples a plenty!  I can't remember the last time we had a crop like this.  Plenty for me, and the birds, wasps and rabbits!  And a few more too!!!

Bees working hard.

And pretty colour.

Autumnal colour

Thanks for walking round my garden with me - it's getting a bit boring being here on my own!  2 weeks today, and I should be able to drive again.  Plenty of friends have visited and taken me out, but the freedom of just popping out should not be under-estimated!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Isn't this weather lovely?  It has been glorious here again today.  Summer has returned, and long may it continue (although it's not so good for my rugby playing son - the ground is too hard).  But for me, especially as I can't get out very much, sitting in the garden in the sunshine, makes it a little easier.

But this warmth does mean that I'm not sure when I will get to wear these!

But I'll be ready when Autumn returns!


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Super moon

Did you see it the other night?  It was a fantastic sight here.  Matt and I tried to get some good photos - playing around with different settings on the camera, but I think we need more practice, and a tripod!

The moonlight illuminates the garden and makes shadows - it really is quite spectacular at the moment.

Having read a bit more about taking photos of the super moon, it appears that some of the best ones are actually 2 photos merged together as the scenery and moon require different exposure levels. Oh well, my photos are "real".

Have a great Friday. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

The end of the day

It has been lovely here today.  The sun which was promised all last week, made it's appearance at the weekend, and is still here.  I love September sunshine.  The Autumnal chill of the misty morning, the way the sun burns the mist away, to reveal the dew on the field.  The warmth of the sun isn't overwhelming.  I was lucky enough to meet a friend for lunch and we sat outside a cafe in the village High Street for an hour or so, watching the world go by, and enjoying the heat of the sun on our skin.

This evening Matt was staying at school for an engineering talk, and Mark is still cooking me supper so that I don't have to spend too long on my feet.  So, unusually for me I had a bit of free time at the end of the working day.  As the sun was still shining and it was warm, I made a cup of tea and sat outside to drink it.  The perfect way to end a very pleasant day.

I won't even have to go very far to pick some blackberries.   :)