Friday, 26 September 2014



As you know I'm not able to go to Yarndale this year.

But if you are going, could you let me know if you see this round a lamp post - probably in the park? I am quite excited knowing it should be there (assuming it hasn't been stolen!)

Have fun if you are going - I shall be thinking of you.

I have managed to convince hubby to take me to the local craft shop tomorrow - they have a demo day, so I should get a crafty fix anyway.  Clearly it has to be fitted in between rugby and the golf.  I'm guessing there won't be a lot going on round here on Sunday, unless you count two males sitting on sofas and the TV on!

Plenty of crochet time for me - my project list is growing faster than my hook can hook!

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing.



  1. Hope you enjoy your visit to the craft shop tomorrow - I am not going to Yarndale but love your lamppost cover!


  2. Have a good time at the craft shop and plenty of crochet time.

  3. Have a great day at the craft shop tomorrow, what fun to crochet a lamppost cover!

  4. I know what you mean, craft shop today but mum and daughter day or so loved it, Halloween fabric and crochet xmas redx

  5. Yay!! I am sure that it will be a great hit at Yarndale!! You kept this very quiet. Hope that your craft shop visit at the weekend is great and that you have fun. xx

  6. What a fantastic lamp post cover. I wish I was going to see it. Your Sunday sounds like it will be quite blissful. There is golf on here at the moment (we don't have Sky or anything fancy, so it's BBC2 highlights in the evening here). A day of crochet sounds like a wonderful thing, I wish I could join you. Enjoy! CJ xx

  7. I went to Yarndale today - Sunday - sorry I didn't see it, but there was soooooo much going on that I probably missed loads! Will go back and check my photos and see if I took a picture without realising the cover was yours x

  8. I hope you got to go to the craft store. The lamp-post cover is beautiful! How exciting to have made a contribution to Yarndale.

  9. I couldn't go either ... but maybe next year we'll both be there and can say hello!

  10. Saw absolutely TONS of crocheted stuff so trying to distinguish one thing from all that was impossible!

    Unfortunately we heard that lots of the stuff that been put out before the day had been stolen. Perhaps someone is cosy in your scarf!

  11. I couldn't go either - having a husband who works weekends makes these things to tricky! But I'm determined to go next year and I'd love to say hello. I hope you're still mending well and feeling good. x

    1. I've put next years date in the diary - and it would be lovely to say "Hi" - rather than me just noticing your jeans as I did last year!
      Hospital tomorrow - hopefully they will tell me it is all going to plan. x