Sunday, 31 August 2014

I wennt out!

Since my op, I have been very good.  Doing exactly as the hospital had advised - staying at home with my feet up, and I have been lucky enough to have visitors and a husband and son to wait on me. But for someone who goes out everyday, I was beginning to get bored and longed for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Part of the return to school, means Saturdays involve some sport for Matt.  Many parents go to watch the matches, and it is quite a sociable time.  So I was determined not to miss out.

Matt was involved in a pre season tournament / training games for his school at Sevenoaks in Kent.  Possibly a bit far for me to go on the first trip out, but I couldn't really choose.

So, sitting on the back seat of the car with my foot up (CJ I'm sure you can relate to this!), we set off.  Ok, I would have preferred it if the school weren't mid building works and I hadn't had to walk up a muddy bank to get to the rugby pitches, but I made it!  (Thankfully, with it being a rugby tournament there was plenty of men to help me back down when we were leaving!)

I don't usually watch Matt's rugby whilst sitting down, but that was the only option yesterday, and will be for a few weeks yet.  But it was ok - sort of!  Another mum had had an operation during the summer, so she needed to sit down regularly, so I had company.

I did manage some photos too, although I was limited as I couldn't keep stopping to take a snap.  You'll have to believe me that it was a lovely day, the sun made an appearance.  It was great to see so many teenagers playing competitive sport.

But here are a few photos I can share.  Matt is the one with the red scrum cap, often to be found at the bottom of the pile of boys.  But he had fun.

You might notice that Matt is wearing two different team shirts.  The move to sixth form means a move away from single age group teams, under 17 and 18 play together.  Matt started in the second XV, but was moved to the first XV for the final game.  I think he will probably play more for the second team this year.

My foot is ok this morning, but we won't talk about how it felt when I got home.  But today I shall be resting!

Wishing you a happy Sunday.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Rest and recuperation

It's not all bad at the moment - friends have been very kind.

Choclates, biscuits, flowers are all making me smile.  So I thought I'd share, in the virtual world anyway!

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to School


A quick update from me, but no photos I'm afraid.

I had naively envisaged my recovery from the foot op to include crafts, a new yarn project, a bit of TV, and sitting with friends in the garden in the sun.  What I hadn't bargained for was that I would actually feel ill.  That wasn't on my agenda!  Why I hadn't realised that the reason the hospital told me not to work isn't so that I could have an extra 2 weeks holiday, but that actually I wouldn't be well enough to do ordinary stuff, is beyond me.  

I'm improving each day, albeit moving around is slow and cumbersome.  I've gone through the sick phase, the falling asleep mid conversation phase (thankfully that was when my sister was here so she understood), and what I can only describe as "revenge of the codeine" phase.  I won't go in to details!

So, I'm not taking any more painkillers, and although my foot hurts, it's bearable.  And I'd rather the rest of me recovers too.  So homeopathic remedies it is for me.

Clearly the above hasn't been conducive to any photo opportunities!

It was lovely seeing my sister, and I rather think she enjoyed the role reversal of looking after me.

Mark is being great and undertaking all the cooking and cleaning duties, and cups of tea on demand.  Long may it continue!  Although I fear the novelty may be wearing off.

Matt has literally just returned from his DofE expedition.  Yes - in all that rain, 6 teenage boys walked 50km, being checked occasionally, but basically on their own, over 3 days.  Camping in fields, no mobile phones, and carrying everything they needed, including food.  He is pleased to have completed it, and one of the assessors said she thought they had walked in the worst conditions she had ever seen a group complete a challenge in.  Now to dry it all off.

But no peace for the poor lad, he's off to school, after a shower, to meet the new sixth formers, and then it's back to school properly tomorrow.  Goodness, how the time has flown by, although I know I say that every year.  In less than a month, Matt will be 17 and starting to learn to drive.  You have been warned!!

(And, just in case you were wondering, he got great GCSE results.  A selection of A*s, As and a couple of Bs.  I'm so pleased his hard work paid off, and he has the results to move on to the A levels he wishes to study.  Needless to say we are very proud of him.  Actually, we were very proud of his hard work anyway, and gave him a present to reward this before the results were published, as I honestly believe that hard work is worth more than an A* going forward in life, but no one can record and make a table of that!)

Hopefully next time I pop by, there will be something of interest for you to look at.  But I don't think I shall be rushing around for a little while yet.

Take care.


PS - Have you "met" Linda at Chalky's World she is undertaking a charity venture, and is looking for some help if you could spare a moment to pop by.  Thanks.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Foot Surgery

Hi there

I'm back home - with all my toes still attached.  Although we don't think my feet match anymore!

Please forgive this indulgent post (although maybe all blogging is self indulgent?), but I wanted to record this event in my life.  

As the hospital that was carrying out my operation was a couple of hours drive away, Mark and I stayed at the "lodge" the night before as I had to be at hospital for 7am.

Matt had a quick practice with his new putter on the way to his friends house where he was staying the night.  We bought him the new club as a reward for all his hard work in preparing for his GCSE's.  We were keen to reward the hard work rather than the results - although I hope he does get the results he deserves!

It was rather nice spot to be sitting enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine!  

I am making my friend a crochet rug for her bathroom - so we checked that it is what she is expecting.  Thankfully she really likes it, so hopefully I will finish it in the next couple of days.  (Can you see my pretty pink toes? I think it may be some time before I can paint them all again) So we left Matt with Karen and his friend George for a Sunday roast.

Then it was off to Benenden for us.  We decided to eat in Tenterden and found a lovely pub.  The food was great - and we managed a relaxed evening.  I have never had any surgery before, so I was a little surprised that I could relax.  Maybe it was the homeopathic remedies?  

Mark insisted I took a photo of my feet, pre op.  Here they are - not quite so pretty without the nail varnish!  But my toes do match.

I won't bore you with the gory details of the op, but it all went well.  The staff at the hospital were very caring and made time to answer all my questions.  I was second on the operating list, so thankfully didn't have to hang around for too long.  I went down to the theatre about 9.30, and was back up on the ward just after 10.30, with a pot of tea and toast.  Amazingly I felt ok - a bit groggy, but fine.  

Being encouraged to walk on a foot which has just had 2 toes shortened was a bit scary.  One part of me told me that the nurse wouldn't be asking me to do the impossible, but another part of my brain was not convinced this was a good idea!  It was sort of fine.  I can only weight bare on my heel for the next 6 weeks!  Oh well - plenty of time for crochet.

After a bit of a false start to get home.  (I had to return to hospital just after we'd left as my foot started bleeding!) But it was all ok a short time later, and we were home just after 4pm.  

I'm not sure how long the novelty will last, but Mark is running around looking after me.  Cups of tea on demand, breakfast in bed.  A girl could get used to this!  Although I'm not sure how clear the memory will be as I am needing a ghastly selection of pain relief, and have been told to keep topping it up, rather than allow the pain to increase.  So the pain is under control, although I'm definitely not pain free.  I managed to sleep far better than I thought I would last night, and hopefully it will be the same tonight, although I won't have the advantage of the hospital pain block I had yesterday.

Tomorrow, my sister is coming down to help. She is staying with my dad for a few days with my nephew and niece.  He only lives down the road.  And so many friends are lined up to visit over the next 2 weeks.  I really am so lucky.

No doubt over the next few weeks, I shall have plenty of time for blog reading.  :)

This is where you will find me.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Lunchtime visitors

Hi there

Just a quick lunchtime visit from me today.  I just came in from the office (last day of working before my op!) and was about to make myself a sandwich, when I saw a mummy bird and her chicks walk across my garden.  From the lane, across the grass, and on to the field.  By the time I'd grabbed my camera they were almost in the field.  
Most of the photos are as they are making their way across the field.  I've no idea where they were heading, nor what sort of bird they are.  Very sweet though, and it made me smile.  I hope you can see them - it's amazing how well they disappeared in the longer grass.

Have a great weekend.



(PS - very naughty I know as I have some many WIP at the moment, but I have just got to make myself a v-stitch blanket.  Rico merino has been ordered.  I shall justify it as I need a fresh project to start whilst I can't do much!)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Spain 3

Hi again

My final holiday post, this year.

As I've said before, I love the light and colours in Spain.  They seem so much more vibrant than at home.

One lunchtime, Matt asked if we could go out for lunch.  We usually eat out in the evening, as it is very hot at lunchtime, and often uncomfortable to be out and about.  But as Matt had particularly asked to go out, it seemed wrong to put it off.  Teenage boys rarely want to go out for lunch with their mum, so I need to make the most of these opportunities!

On the way down to the seafront restaurant he wanted to eat at, I couldn't resist taking photos of a few flowers.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The view whilst we ate lunch.  

I love this mosaic in the town.  A reminder of what it was, not very long ago.  The first time we came here, there were very few tourists, and most of the beachfront was for the local fishermen.

Goodbye - for another year.

I'm trying to get ahead of everything this week, as the operation on my foot is planned for next Monday.  I can't drive for 6 weeks, which I'm guessing isn't going to be much fun (nor for those around me if I'm honest!)  So, whilst I might not be able to take many photos over the next few weeks - I'm guessing initially that I will be needing to sit on the sofa with my foot raised, I'm hoping to do plenty of leisurely blog reading. 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Spain 2

Hi again

I thought that I would be sharing photos again before today.  But it has been very busy in the office, and by the time I have got in, I haven't felt up to much!

So on this blustery afternoon, I'm looking back at some warm sunny photos, and wishing I was still there.

Hopefully, I'll be back again soon with the final instalment - some flowers.  My blog wouldn't be complete without some pretty flowers.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and have a happy week.


Waiting for friends to arrive for supper on the balcony.  It's not quite the same cooking in Spain!

Plenty of time in the pool.  As you can see, it is very busy!! :)

Full moon celebrations in Sabinillas - the lights below are Chinese lanterns.  I don't really agree with sending the lanterns in to the sky - but they were very pretty!

More gold - you can see Gibraltar in the distance.

The view from my mums balcony.  Not pretty, but I love it's starkness.

Last night selfie!  

Rarely is a good photo taken of me - but I like this one - so, please forgive me but I want to post it too.

Happy holidays.