Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to School


A quick update from me, but no photos I'm afraid.

I had naively envisaged my recovery from the foot op to include crafts, a new yarn project, a bit of TV, and sitting with friends in the garden in the sun.  What I hadn't bargained for was that I would actually feel ill.  That wasn't on my agenda!  Why I hadn't realised that the reason the hospital told me not to work isn't so that I could have an extra 2 weeks holiday, but that actually I wouldn't be well enough to do ordinary stuff, is beyond me.  

I'm improving each day, albeit moving around is slow and cumbersome.  I've gone through the sick phase, the falling asleep mid conversation phase (thankfully that was when my sister was here so she understood), and what I can only describe as "revenge of the codeine" phase.  I won't go in to details!

So, I'm not taking any more painkillers, and although my foot hurts, it's bearable.  And I'd rather the rest of me recovers too.  So homeopathic remedies it is for me.

Clearly the above hasn't been conducive to any photo opportunities!

It was lovely seeing my sister, and I rather think she enjoyed the role reversal of looking after me.

Mark is being great and undertaking all the cooking and cleaning duties, and cups of tea on demand.  Long may it continue!  Although I fear the novelty may be wearing off.

Matt has literally just returned from his DofE expedition.  Yes - in all that rain, 6 teenage boys walked 50km, being checked occasionally, but basically on their own, over 3 days.  Camping in fields, no mobile phones, and carrying everything they needed, including food.  He is pleased to have completed it, and one of the assessors said she thought they had walked in the worst conditions she had ever seen a group complete a challenge in.  Now to dry it all off.

But no peace for the poor lad, he's off to school, after a shower, to meet the new sixth formers, and then it's back to school properly tomorrow.  Goodness, how the time has flown by, although I know I say that every year.  In less than a month, Matt will be 17 and starting to learn to drive.  You have been warned!!

(And, just in case you were wondering, he got great GCSE results.  A selection of A*s, As and a couple of Bs.  I'm so pleased his hard work paid off, and he has the results to move on to the A levels he wishes to study.  Needless to say we are very proud of him.  Actually, we were very proud of his hard work anyway, and gave him a present to reward this before the results were published, as I honestly believe that hard work is worth more than an A* going forward in life, but no one can record and make a table of that!)

Hopefully next time I pop by, there will be something of interest for you to look at.  But I don't think I shall be rushing around for a little while yet.

Take care.


PS - Have you "met" Linda at Chalky's World she is undertaking a charity venture, and is looking for some help if you could spare a moment to pop by.  Thanks.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, such great results, a proud moment for you all.

  2. Good for Matt, I knew he'd do great on his exams. I hope you're feeling better and better, it sounds like it hasn't been easy on you. Take care.

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! To Matt!!!!!!!!!! Well done for the exam results and completing the DofE, a really good job on both of them. I hope that you get to feeling more yourself again very soon now that you are off the painkillers. xx

  4. Congratulations to Matt, those results are fantastic, and very well deserved. I've done a few DofE expeditions in my time, you have reminded me of them. I'm sorry you've been feeling rough, and glad you're able to stop taking the tablets, I hope that helps. I often think there will be time for crafts and books and things and strangely there never is. I hope you're able to do a little more in the days to come though. Wishing you swift healing. CJ xx

  5. I bet you are so proud of him....hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  6. Huge congratulations to Matt for his outstanding GCSE results. Those aren't just good, they are excellent! I'm sorry you've been unwell, I do sympathise and wish you more speedy healing so that you feel really ready to return to work. x

  7. Poor you. Hope the foot gets better soon but enjoy the waiter service whilst it lasts.

  8. Well done Matt - and I understand about the falling asleep and feeling grotty - been there and done that with my silly knee, it does pass - feel better soon xx