Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Garden update and other things

Friday was Matt's last GCSE.  I can't tell you how good it feels for this household.  Although he still has some school sporting commitments, and will be picking up AS holiday work next week, the heavy burden of continual exams is over for another year.

The downside of Friday night was that another local school fifth form also finished for the year.  After their prom, they had a party / camp night in the field next to my house.  I know it's only once a year, but 2 hours sleep is not good for me!  The music went on until 3.30am, and then the birds were awake just after 4.  I did manage to sleep again until 5.30, but that was about it.  It was an early night for me last night.

Yesterday was the leavers service, prize giving and sports day at Matts school.  Due to lack of sleep, and needing to get on with "stuff" I opted out of the first bit of the day, having dropped Matt to school for 9am so he could sing, and play in the Jazz band.

I went back to join everyone for the BBQ and sports at lunchtime.  Matt ran the 1500m - which was tough in such heat, but he came 3rd.  Not bad for a rugby player.  He's not built for long distance running!

It is quite a social event - you will be glad to know that we did leave our Pimms to go and watch our sons race!

Today, I have some time to myself.  I am currently sitting in the garden, having finished the weekend chores, and before I need to leave to go and visit my mum.  Cup of tea by my side.  The boys have gone to play golf.  I hope to get back after a walk with mum, with enough time to do some crochet in the garden.  I like nothing more than sitting outside with my crochet, listening to the sounds of the birds, and breathing in the scents of the garden.  It's a perfect time of the year.

After some work yesterday evening, the garden is looking much neater.  I might even be winning the battle with some of the weeds!

 Alium heads

Grasses in the sun

 Some sort of scabious - it's a huge plant
 Delicate astrantia

 Summer snow clematis - the plant is literally covered in these little flowers.  It's making a stunning display as it climbs the tree.

Got to love roses at the moment.  A shame you can't smell them too! 

And the lillies

And pinks

This rose seems to start yellow and then fade to pink!

Hollyhock buds waiting to open

Possibly my favourite rose

Here is what is in flower at the moment.  It all still seems quite early.  August is never very colourful in my garden, but I fear it may be worse than usual as even the fuchsias are almost in flower.  Oh well - you can't beat nature.

Wishing you a happy Sunday.


Thursday, 19 June 2014



Do you remember the tree that came down in the October storms here?  And the strange hole that was cut through it?  Well, it has become a talking point for visitors.

Last night, it took on a new beauty as the sun went down.  

My own Summer solstice - a little early, but you can't rely on the British weather!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lovely words

I saw this today on Facebook - originally posted by Gregg Braden .  (At least I think it was - it's difficult to track things back on Facebook).

So true, I thought I would share it here too.   I don't think there is anything else to add.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Catching up ...


I hope you have all had a good weekend.  Another busy one for us - but in a good way, not an overwhelming way.

On Saturday morning, I did the essential chores, and then sat down to do some crochet outside.  It wasn't that sunny, but very pleasant all the same.  I really wanted to find some quiet time to make this project.  It's not something I would usually do - but I had agreed to make a key ring for Matt.  Why - you may (or may not) be wondering!  My son is a wonderful, trustworthy, reliable and sensible lad - except with keys.  At almost 17 we have stopped giving him a key to let himself in, as invariably it gets lost.  However, with GCSEs and not really having a strict schedule, it has been easier to let him have a key.  But when I saw it fall out of his school bag, yet again, I decided it needed to be attached to something obvious.  And the obvious answer was a crochet key ring.  He quite liked the idea of a dinosaur, but I couldn't find anything suitable, so we went for a penguin.  It is rather cute - if I say so myself.  Albeit it was fiddly to make - hence I wanted to sit outside in natural light without any distractions.

Saturday afternoon was spend watching cricket.  A very civilised pastime - chatting away with friends.  The bat worked well again, and the sun shone.

My dad is away on holiday today, so I haven't been able to see him for Father's Day, but I shall catch up with him later this week, when he is home.

Mark took his dad out for a round of golf, but Matt wanted to stay and revise for his exams tomorrow, Biology and Further Maths.  Matt and I had a lovely lunch of scampi and chips in the conservatory, watching the farmer turn the hay.

Then there was a little bit of time for some crochet, and Playstation for Matt before going to school for a concert he was playing in - Music for a Summers Evening.  

The last time they pupils play together this school year, as some move on to University, and I think it's a nice way to spend Father's Day evening.

I've then driven to Benenden,in Kent, ready for my hospital appointment tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I finally find out what is wrong with my foot.

Wishing everyone a great week.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

An unusual start to the day

A couple of nights ago, I was woken by the sound of sheep.  They were making an awful lot of noise, so I got out of bed to make sure they hadn't strayed in to the garden again.  Although what I thought I'd do in the middle of the night if they were there, I can't imagine.  They weren't, so I went back to sleep.

When Matt and I walked to school, I was expecting to see the sheep in the field closest to where we live, but they were still a couple of fields away.  But they were still "baaing" very loudly.  I was worried a fox had got one of the lambs, or some other problem, so Matt and I had a quick look on our way through, but we really couldn't see anything wrong.

Obviously we didn't look very well!  On the way back home, a dog walker asked if I had the farmers number as a lamb had it's head stuck in the gate!  How did we miss it?

Unfortunately the farmer isn't the most diligent of farmers, and no one round here has his number.  I've tried without success before to contact him. (It makes me made that he doesn't visit his livestock every day, and leaves no contact details.  Grrrrrrr )

I assured the lady and her dog that I'd sort it out. How difficult can it be to free a little lamb?  Trickier than I thought, to be honest.  It was well and truly wedged in.  How it forced it's head in I've no idea.

As I was pondering how to free it, I noticed one of the ewes was also bleating loudly.  She had managed to get her head stuck through the stock proof fencing!  (Yes, Matt and I had walked past her too.)

I couldn't free either of them, no matter how hard I tried.  The sheep seemed to know I was trying to help and didn't fight or struggle against me.  I had to call Mark.  Now, it must be said, I love animals and nature.  Mark less so.  I'm at home in a pair of wellies wandering over a muddy field.  Mark isn't.  But to be fair, he came over, tool box in one hand, dodging the sheep poo, to help me.  I won't say with a smile on his face - there wasn't.  He had to cut the wire round the ewe, and lift the gate to free the lamb.  I can't imagine what happened for the sheep to get in such a pickle (clearly all the noise had been for a reason).

Once they were free, they weren't hurt and off they scampered to be with the rest of the flock.  No lasting damage, and barely a backward glance towards us.

I love living in the country.  Who else has a school run like that?

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the sunshine too.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

This weekend

Hi there

I hope you've all had a good weekend and the sun has shone for you.

On our Friday walk to school we met some new friends, who were quite keen to check us out!

I kept looking at the forecast on Friday as our weekend plans required nice weather - or at least dry.

We woke up to torrential rain on Saturday morning, which for a few minutes flooded the patio.  It was quite a spectacle and so loud.  I thought that there would be no way that Matt's cricket could be played.  But by 11am it had stopped raining and was starting to dry out, and the school where the match was were happy to let the boys play.  So off we went to Cranleigh.

And out came the sun.  Perfect weather in fact - not too hot, just lovely and warm.  I took my camera and crochet so was happy.

Matt broke his bat at the previous match.  And anyone who has a sporty son will know they aren't cheap to replace.  I know I never had sporting equipment like they do!  Mark had spotted a "bargain" on line.  A bat reduced from £200 to £20.  Matt wasn't convinced, but Mark ordered it anyway.  Matt was talked in to opening the batting (he is the youngest in the team) and despite my comment of "oh well he will have plenty of time before wicket keeping then) he batted for 30 of the 35 overs.  A proud mummy moment.  As you can imagine the new bat is "okay".  You don't get much more from teenage boys!  :)

The sun has been out today too, and I've been out for a walk with my mum and a friend and her daughter.  The boys preferred to go and play golf.

Green fields and blue skies.  :)

A stray poppy.  I could fields in the distance where there were poppies, but only this one in the field we walked through.

I'd better go and cook supper - and I think I deserve a glass of wine.

I like weekends in the sun.


Sunday, 1 June 2014

A quick catch up


I hope everyone has had a good weekend.  The sun has been out here, which has been lovely.  Although I don't think it's set to last.  At least we have been able to enjoy it though.  A bit of cricket, shopping in the sun, and a lovely walk with friends this afternoon.  I share the photos later.

But I thought I should catch up with my crochet makes.

A few months ago, I thought I would try and make myself a jacket / shrug.  I had seen the pattern on the Drops website , and although had never made anything so complicated was keen to have a go.  I bought this gorgeous yarn .  To be honest I was a little nervous making something that had to "fit", but actually it was more simple than I had anticipated.  I'm not sure I enjoyed making it though!  Not sure why.  I wasn't convinced I was going to like the finished item either.  But now it's done, I actually rather like it and have worn it several times already.  I can see it being worn a lot as it's a useful piece of clothing for this time of year.

I need to improve my "selfie" photography!

My other recent make has been a sunglasses case.  I saw the pattern in the latest Inside Crochet magazine.

I really like it.  Much better for me than anther boring solid case that I always lose.  Hopefully this one will always be visible, and uniquely mine!

I was so proud of myself.  Anyone who knows me, will know that I am terrified of a sewing machine. I think it goes back to my school days and a rather stern needlework teacher.  I can turn my hand to most crafts, but sewing is a challenge!  I have a very small, basic machine, and decided I had to line the case for it to be useable.  I know the top edge isn't straight, the one on the inside which is hidden is perfect!  But even so, I am quite pleased with how it turned out!

Fingers crossed for a sunny week.

A good luck to all those households with children sitting exams.

Sara x