Monday, 25 November 2013

Smiling again

It would appear that Matt is a better person than me, and quite probably stronger.

Having discussed all the options on Friday evening, he decided that he would not be beaten by the bully.  Such a shame that it is a teacher.  A hard life lesson.  But he is not alone.  Every, and I mean every teacher in the school, says he is an exemplary, hard working pupil.  Except this particular sports teacher.  Anyway, he (and his friend) played rugby on Saturday, not where they wanted, nor deserved to be, but Matt held his head high and played brilliantly (ok I may be a little biased - but he needs a little bit of encouragement and reassurance at the moment).

Me, I watched proudly.  Then in between washing kit and getting it ready for another match on Sunday, I crocheted my self happy.

I am enjoying the little bit of Christmas starting to arrive in my home.

I made some squares to make a bag for a friend who has been ill.  I must get the handles so I can finish it this week.  I had meant to do it this evening, but Pilates was hard work!

I finished the hearts for the Advent Garland and blocked them.  All ready now to be strung together ready for next week.  I am looking forward to adding the numbers each day.

Then there was more rugby on Sunday.  Matt finds this fun!

That's him on the floor!

And finally some more crochet.
I started a new cowl and will also be making some mittens and a hat in this lovely chunky alpaca yarn.  Perfect for the cold weather.

Determined that this week will be better.

So I'd best get to bed, otherwise I will be grumpy due to lack of sleep!  Thanks for your concern, so kind of you to care.


Friday, 22 November 2013


I'm afraid that is how I feel at the moment.

My son is having a horrid time at school, and it is sapping my energy that I can't sort it out.  Isn't it just the worst feeling when you can't help your child and put it right?

Consequently, I haven't taken any photos this week.  I can't remember when that last happened, although I don't think the grey weather has helped.

I'm hoping I will be back soon, with a smile on my face, and more importantly a smile on Matt's face too.

Happy weekend.

Sara x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Frosty photos - second attempt!

Morning - it seems to be working this now!
So - to complete yesterday mornings walk to school!

It was the first time I wore my new wrist warmers out.  Really quite pleased with these (using this pattern from Cherry Heart - they match my bag and scarf.  You can't see the pretty buttons either - I shall try and take some photos of all of them soon.)

Back to yesterday morning - frosty leaves glistening in the sunshine everywhere.

Even the power lines sparkled through the trees

I know the novelty wears off, but every blade of grass is eye-catching, some still frozen solid, some thawed with a bead of water at the end.  We are so lucky to be able to have time to notice these things.  (Even 16 year old boys do know they are lucky - but don't like to say so very loudly!)

Then back home.

I like to leave the sedum as long as possible before cutting it back.  I like it best at this time off year with frost on.  I'm not sure how long this one will last this year as the rain made it grow somewhat larger than normal.

Frosted grasses are one of my favourites too.

Mustn't forget the geraniums

To be honest this photo didn't really work!  The frost was catching the light and sparkling, creating little rainbow lights.  Please use your imagination - it was very pretty!

At the weekend, some men started cutting back the fallen tree.  I have no idea why they cut a hole in the trunk?

Smudge has declared it is too cold, and so will grace us with her presence, and follow the sun around the house, and curl up wherever she pleases.  Clearly the rule about not being on tables is being adhered to!
At least Matt wasn't trying to work at here too!

This morning, Smudge is sitting with me, "helping" as I sit with my laptop!.

Enjoy your day.  Keep warm.  Isn't that wind raw today?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

First Frost of the Season

A little later than for many - but this morning we woke up to a white landscape.

Goodness it was cold walking to school with Matt this morning.

Cold but beautiful.

Looking back towards home.

Ok - I concede defeat.  My photos won't upload.

I guess there will be a second instalment tomorrow!

Night x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Sunny Sunday

My day was started rather earlier than anticipated by a chain-saw this morning (was there really any need to start at 7.30am?).  But it has been one of those days where I seem to have lots of energy.  No idea what the difference is - the sun, a quiet day yesterday, slept better?  Who knows - but it feels good.

Matt wanted to get up in time to do an hours revision before rugby this morning anyway.  I'm incredibly proud that he is working so hard towards his GCSE's.

I decided to do some early morning baking - using Lucy's recipe for muffins and an old recipe from my childhood for some shortbread.

Then I swept the floors (it's not just children who make a mess with flour!)

Loving how the sun was shining (although not liking the dust it shows up)

Prepared the roast for later today

Muffins and shortbread out the oven and tested

when Mum popped over for a coffee.

Then, as the sun was shining, a rare occurrence of recent weeks, I went out into the garden to do some tidying up.

These are quite selective, but considering it's November, the garden isn't just green, but there are still spots of colour around.  I think August is the poor month in my garden - not sure what to do about that.

Such a sunny day - look at the blue sky.

A real feel good day!

I'm now back indoors, working on my Advent Garland and cooking supper.
Fire to be lit a little later, a roast to enjoy with a glass of wine,  and Strictly on TV.

A good Sunday.  :)


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


This post should be about the plants that are still in bloom in my garden - but I missed the daylight and it's rained quite a lot today.  Or any one of a number of other things which I've thought about, but by the time I have any time, the daylight seems to have disappeared along with any opportunity for photography.

So instead, I thought I'd share my new toy.  I "invested" in a UV lightbox and some gel varnishes and have just done my nails for the first time.  This is a colour changing nail varnish - blue when warm and purple when cool!  Hours of fun!  :)

I'll try and take some more interesting photos soon!