Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Sunny Sunday

My day was started rather earlier than anticipated by a chain-saw this morning (was there really any need to start at 7.30am?).  But it has been one of those days where I seem to have lots of energy.  No idea what the difference is - the sun, a quiet day yesterday, slept better?  Who knows - but it feels good.

Matt wanted to get up in time to do an hours revision before rugby this morning anyway.  I'm incredibly proud that he is working so hard towards his GCSE's.

I decided to do some early morning baking - using Lucy's recipe for muffins and an old recipe from my childhood for some shortbread.

Then I swept the floors (it's not just children who make a mess with flour!)

Loving how the sun was shining (although not liking the dust it shows up)

Prepared the roast for later today

Muffins and shortbread out the oven and tested

when Mum popped over for a coffee.

Then, as the sun was shining, a rare occurrence of recent weeks, I went out into the garden to do some tidying up.

These are quite selective, but considering it's November, the garden isn't just green, but there are still spots of colour around.  I think August is the poor month in my garden - not sure what to do about that.

Such a sunny day - look at the blue sky.

A real feel good day!

I'm now back indoors, working on my Advent Garland and cooking supper.
Fire to be lit a little later, a roast to enjoy with a glass of wine,  and Strictly on TV.

A good Sunday.  :)



  1. It sounds like a lovely Sunday. You still have so much blooming in your garden, that's so nice. I hope you enjoy your afternoon, supper and evening, it all sounds very relaxing and pleasant.

    1. The colour is quite spread out in the garden - but it's still nice to see it so late in the year.

  2. Wow, you still have so much colour in your garden, hope that you had a good time with your baking, the results certainly look good. xx

  3. Thank you - it really was a lovely day yesterday - which makes up for it being such a wet and grey day today. x

  4. That just sounds like the perfect Sunday to me - some cooking, gardening, crafting, a bit of tv - it's nice to be quietly productive without being rushed off your feet. x

    1. I really appreciate it when it happens - it's not a regular occurrence! :)