Tuesday, 5 November 2013


This post should be about the plants that are still in bloom in my garden - but I missed the daylight and it's rained quite a lot today.  Or any one of a number of other things which I've thought about, but by the time I have any time, the daylight seems to have disappeared along with any opportunity for photography.

So instead, I thought I'd share my new toy.  I "invested" in a UV lightbox and some gel varnishes and have just done my nails for the first time.  This is a colour changing nail varnish - blue when warm and purple when cool!  Hours of fun!  :)

I'll try and take some more interesting photos soon!



  1. Well, that is something that I have never seen before Sara! I would be dipping my fingers in and out of different temperature water and holding my hands next to hot and cold things trying to get them to change colour!! Lots of fun to be had I'm sure. xx

    1. I've been playing all day! I didn't think they'd keep changing. Its becoming a challenge - I have been trying to get them to go half and half!

  2. Cool! That sounds like fun. I hardly ever do my nails but I've been tempted to polish them lately. I think it's because it's getting more colorless outdoors here every day.

  3. I love brightly coloured nails - as you say it adds a bit of colour to the day. x