Monday, 25 November 2013

Smiling again

It would appear that Matt is a better person than me, and quite probably stronger.

Having discussed all the options on Friday evening, he decided that he would not be beaten by the bully.  Such a shame that it is a teacher.  A hard life lesson.  But he is not alone.  Every, and I mean every teacher in the school, says he is an exemplary, hard working pupil.  Except this particular sports teacher.  Anyway, he (and his friend) played rugby on Saturday, not where they wanted, nor deserved to be, but Matt held his head high and played brilliantly (ok I may be a little biased - but he needs a little bit of encouragement and reassurance at the moment).

Me, I watched proudly.  Then in between washing kit and getting it ready for another match on Sunday, I crocheted my self happy.

I am enjoying the little bit of Christmas starting to arrive in my home.

I made some squares to make a bag for a friend who has been ill.  I must get the handles so I can finish it this week.  I had meant to do it this evening, but Pilates was hard work!

I finished the hearts for the Advent Garland and blocked them.  All ready now to be strung together ready for next week.  I am looking forward to adding the numbers each day.

Then there was more rugby on Sunday.  Matt finds this fun!

That's him on the floor!

And finally some more crochet.
I started a new cowl and will also be making some mittens and a hat in this lovely chunky alpaca yarn.  Perfect for the cold weather.

Determined that this week will be better.

So I'd best get to bed, otherwise I will be grumpy due to lack of sleep!  Thanks for your concern, so kind of you to care.



  1. Yay!! So glad that you had a nice weekend. Your hearts (and all your crochet actually!) are beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished garland. Shame on the teacher for misbehaving. I cannot bear it when things like that happen, but I am sure that you will handle it. Hope that your son loved his rugby on Sunday - rugby players love rolling round in the mud don't they! Hope you had a good sleep too. xx

    1. Thank you. Matt loves nothing more that rolling around in the mud. Can't see the attraction myself! x

  2. You're a wonderful mother and he sounds like a great kid. You're teaching him all the right things.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear Matt is having a rough time at school. It sound undeserved and unfair and he's a credit to you if he can shrug it off and continue on undeterred.

    I love the look of all your crochet - you've been very busy! The heart advent garland is especially pretty, it will look so festive when it's hung. x

  4. Glad that things are moving on - have sent you an email x Your crochet photos have made me want to get back to my crochet again, but as usual a combination of work, study and knitting have stalled my crochet progress! Oh to have more time and another pair of hands :)

    1. I have more ideas buzzing around in my head, than I will ever have the time to put into practice. Oh well - there's always a lottery win!

  5. MIght I offer a hug to your brave son? I can only imagine how stressful this must have been for you and him.

    ALL your makes look absolutely splendid!

    Warmest wishes to you,