Sunday, 31 August 2014

I wennt out!

Since my op, I have been very good.  Doing exactly as the hospital had advised - staying at home with my feet up, and I have been lucky enough to have visitors and a husband and son to wait on me. But for someone who goes out everyday, I was beginning to get bored and longed for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Part of the return to school, means Saturdays involve some sport for Matt.  Many parents go to watch the matches, and it is quite a sociable time.  So I was determined not to miss out.

Matt was involved in a pre season tournament / training games for his school at Sevenoaks in Kent.  Possibly a bit far for me to go on the first trip out, but I couldn't really choose.

So, sitting on the back seat of the car with my foot up (CJ I'm sure you can relate to this!), we set off.  Ok, I would have preferred it if the school weren't mid building works and I hadn't had to walk up a muddy bank to get to the rugby pitches, but I made it!  (Thankfully, with it being a rugby tournament there was plenty of men to help me back down when we were leaving!)

I don't usually watch Matt's rugby whilst sitting down, but that was the only option yesterday, and will be for a few weeks yet.  But it was ok - sort of!  Another mum had had an operation during the summer, so she needed to sit down regularly, so I had company.

I did manage some photos too, although I was limited as I couldn't keep stopping to take a snap.  You'll have to believe me that it was a lovely day, the sun made an appearance.  It was great to see so many teenagers playing competitive sport.

But here are a few photos I can share.  Matt is the one with the red scrum cap, often to be found at the bottom of the pile of boys.  But he had fun.

You might notice that Matt is wearing two different team shirts.  The move to sixth form means a move away from single age group teams, under 17 and 18 play together.  Matt started in the second XV, but was moved to the first XV for the final game.  I think he will probably play more for the second team this year.

My foot is ok this morning, but we won't talk about how it felt when I got home.  But today I shall be resting!

Wishing you a happy Sunday.



  1. Hi sarah,
    sending you wishes for a continued and speedy recovery. Sorry I haven't commented over here for a while.
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Jacquie x

  2. So glad you managed to get out for an afternoon. I can indeed relate to the foot up on the backseat scenario. Your rugby photos are brilliant, it looks like a couple of good matches. Take it easy today, and have a nice rest. CJ xx

  3. Its always nice to get out of the house don't overdue it though takes things slowly.

  4. I'm so glad you got out! I used to watch rugby a long time ago because I liked a boy on my college's team. Mostly I just watched him. :)

  5. You do need to get out - otherwise you would go stir crazy! Good action shots :)

  6. So glad that you got out Sara!! That is brilliant, you must be feeling better than you were. Matt must have been very tired after all that rugby, they certainly look to have been playing pretty hard! xx

  7. So glad you are on the road to recovery. The rugby shots are great

  8. I hope you've managed a few more trips out since then - it must be frustrating having to be still and rest all the time. Great rugby action shots though! x