Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A completed gift!

I love walking to school with Matt - usually!  I love the fresh air, the chance to talk without anything getting in the way, being able to scrunch through leaves, see spiders webs, watch rabbits shoot down holes and lots of other lovely little things which set my day up, make me smile and appreciate the changing seasons.  However, at the moment, I am struggling to find too much fun in this!
The water is past my ankle.  It is making walking tricky and slow.  
Matt is waiting for me to fall over so that he can get "the best picture ever".  I'm not sure I share his excitement!

This is a footpath, not a stream!  

I've never seen it like this for so long a period.  I guess it can only get better.  I hope the bluebells will still be able to survive.

I thought I would share the first of my completed projects for the year.  I had hoped to finish it before Christmas, but as we all know, other bits get in the way!
I saw various versions of these flowers on the internet, and enlarged some pictures, counted the stitches and had a go myself.  I'm quite pleased with the scarf.  I shall give it to a friend - a bit of a late birthday present.

And here it is boxed up and ready to be delivered tomorrow.

I hope she likes it.

Off to do some more scrap booking now.  I'm currently on our Summer 2011 holiday.  So still a little bit behind, but there are so many WIP to tackle!

I could really do with an early night too ..........


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