Monday, 11 March 2013


This time last week we were enjoying a lovely few days.  Warm sunshine, and the garden was coming to life.  Today however, it is a different story!

The builders came to start work in the dining room.  They have taken the rest of the ceiling down (I know it was November that we had the leak - you wouldn't believe how long it has taken to get it sorted, but the end is in sight now).
 Rather beautiful isn't it!  Victorian beams revealed, and a few wires and pipes which are less attractive.

I'm looking forward to the finished product and a neat and tidy dining room in a week or so's time.  I can't believe how far the contents of one room have spread!

I didn't think I would be posting any more snow pictures for a while - but .....

Today in the garden

 It has snowed

And snowed

 And blown a gale

 The daffodils aren't happy

 The hellebores are weighed down

 The robin is waiting for more food

 The pansies and violas are still trying to be cheerful
 I'm hoping the rose shoots don't mind this cold blast
Since I took these photos at about 4pm, there has been another inch or so of snow, with more forecast for tonight.
Maybe I can have an easy day tomorrow and squeeze in some extra crafting?!  
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Or maybe, I'll be hoovering up another layer of dust?!  That's not quite so much fun.


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