Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

I just about finished my cards and got them posted! But somehow Easter arrived when I wasn't looking! I had great plans - even bought a new stamp, ink, and papers to create lovely intricate Easter cards for my family and friends - but had to change to a simpler, quicker option when I realised I needed to get them in the post by Wednesday!
Maybe I could try again for next year?! I have created the sample and was really pleased but it certainly wasn't a 5 minute make.
Here are some of the cards I did send. All fairly similar but each is slightly different. The image is from Pink Petticoat  - I love her images. :)

I had planned to finish work early yesterday and pop to the shops to get supplies for the weekend.  I think I was overly optimistic! Trying to fit a 5 day week into 3 days (we took Monday off to go to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London), and it is the tax year end.  Oh well, I'm sure we won't starve!  But I don't want to waste my Bank Holiday in Tescos!  It does mean that we won't have any Hot Cross Buns today, but there is a little bit of Lucy's Lemon Drizzle Cake left in here.
It is rather delicious - so it isn't so sad that we don't have Hot Cross Buns.

Matt still has cricket training tonight!  And then a rugby match on Sunday - away, an early start and on the morning that clocks go forward!  I guess the people who organise these sports don't need Bank Holidays and family time to re-charge their batteries.  However, it isn't forever, and we always support Matt in the sporting opportunities he is given, so we will get him there.

I had thought I'd make an "Easter Tree" - you know those beautiful creations many people have created with flowers, eggs and some spring twigs you see on other peoples blogs?  I'm not hopeful, but will keep trying.  I  have made some crochet flowers, probably not enough, the Easter basket was awful (I'll stick to making paper ones, but realised this too late) and the chick I made looks demonic!  Not cute Easter at all.  He will not be on display.

Off to go and potter around now.  If the weather stays dry I might venture in to the garden for a couple of hours - mainly to sweep up the compost the black bird has kindly re-arranged over the paths for me!

Happy Easter!

Sara x

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  1. Your Easter cards are lovely. Easter caught me by surprise this year too, I felt unprepared.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend. x