Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Long Weekend

Isn't it great having a bit more time?  It is a real luxury - and slightly less sport for Matt than usual too, which means more time at home. (Although an early start tomorrow for a rugby match)

Yesterday I managed to finish 2 WIP (only taken photos of one though).  I saw something similar to this when a friend and I went to the yarn show in London a couple of weeks ago.  I treated myself to some Baby Alpaca yarn, which is beautiful and soft and just plain gorgeous to work with.  So, this is what I created:

I even used my little sewing machine.  Very nervous I was too.  Sewing machines have always had a mind of their own in my hands, and straight lines are beyond me.  However, I took my time, and this is much better than my normal attempts.  In fact, I would say I am quite proud of it!  :)
I measured it out, and all my nice handled hooks fit in size order and my pretty scissors in the middle.

Now my only crochet project is the ripple for Matt.  Time to give it some undivided attention.  (Until I buy some more yarn for all those ideas whizzing around in my mind.)

Today, I've finished a couple of cards and gift card holders for my god daughter and her sister whose birthdays are in the next couple of weeks.

I also bought some new inks and card to make some different cards, similar to some I'd seen on the Penny Black blog  I think these will be very useful to have to hand, for birthdays, thank you's etc.

Off to finish off now, and have an early night, but want to fit in some crochet time first.

Sara x

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