Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Colour on my doorstep

It struck me today, just how much colour there is around at the moment.  But maybe I just need to look at little harder than usual at this time of year.  So here is a walk around the garden this morning......

 Aquilegia starting to flower
 I love that there are so many varieties
 They seem to cross pollinate and change each year!
 I love this Viburnum Snowball - bright little pom poms cover the plant
 Colour along the edge of the field
 Geraniums thriving there too
 Along with cow parsley.  Even on such a dull morning, the green is so vibrant.
 There are still a few daffodils in flower
 but the main splash of yellow is provided by buttercups.
 I've planted up my hanging baskets
 and tubs
 with osteospurnums
 I thought I'd have a change from the usual bedding plants which haven't done so well trying to cope with the weather the last couple of years.
 My little tree - (I've no idea what it is as it was in the garden before we moved here).  It's leaves are starting to unfurl - it looks so delicate.  A woodpecker has been sitting in it today.  I can see this tree whilst working in my office.
 This should be white!  It is, or at least was, Pulmonaria Sissinghurst White!
 A cornflower
 Yet more aquilegia - these are almost black.
 I let the comfrey grow as Dad likes to take some for his compost heap, but I think this needs a bit of a tidy at the weekend.  I don't want the nettles to get too settled here.
 A close up of the comfrey flowers.
 More new leaves
 A few more nice, warm days and the irises will be in flower.  They are usually in full flower when Chelsea Flower Show is on - but not this year.
 The cherry tree blossom is falling - but actually I love the carpet it creates, almost as much as when it's on the tree.
And I thought you'd like to meet Smudge, who joined me walking around my garden this morning looking for colour.  (Well, she was probably trying to work out if there were any mice around)
I hope you enjoyed your tour! :)
Sara x

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