Saturday, 25 May 2013

A busy Saturday

After yesterdays appalling weather, today has been lovely.  No sports fixtures, and we have all spent the day at home, pottering around, really making progress.

Matt has started revision, Mark has sorted through the teams rugby kit, and I have been busy in the garden.

 A bit of weeding and observing first.  Then I cleaned the little pond.
Matt decided to help and make a frame to put some net over, to keep the leaves out.
 After cutting the grass, and some tidying, I moved a chair so I can enjoy this view more easily.
It is looking West, so it is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down at the end of the day.
 Blue sky and fluffy clouds!  Not seen that for a while
 Matt oils his new cricket bat - on the trampoline which we had just re-assembled.  We have to dismantle it over winter so it doesn't fly away in the wind.  To our cost we know that flying trampolines are not good on blustery days.
 Table and chairs ready, grass cut and tubs planted.  
We are ready for summer now!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday.  I'm off to make some bunting for Lucy for Yarndale.  I'm so excited!!

Sara x


  1. Linked you through your comment on FM. How green is your grass, and what a view. It looks so fresh.

    1. We've had so much rain! Still, it's been a lovely weekend but more rain due, just in case we were getting used to seeing the sun!