Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Better Day :)

It felt warmer today (although there was a mist) as soon as I went outside to feed the birds this morning.

Then I heard a cuckoo.  Really loudly and clearly.  Fantastic.  It made me smile.

This is my walk to school - yes, I walked today.  I wasn't grumpy!

It was misty, but the sun was burning through.

Cow parsley and bluebells in abundance.

A big fat caterpillar.  Although my phone camera thinks the leaves below are the interesting part of the photo! :(

Met by the robin as I returned home.  I think it's the sunflower seeds, not me, that he loves.  But he's always enthusiastic to see me.

By lunchtime the mist had burnt away and it was a wonderfully sunny for the rest of the day.

I'd never seen the pheasant and crow feeding together before - one at each tray.
The pheasants red seemed to glisten in the sunshine.

And my apple tree, so heavy with blossom

- photo shamelessly similar to Lucy's here, when I was so jealous she had seen the sun.

Today it was literally alive with bees, working away, under the intense blue sky.  It's a shame you can't hear the noise.

Every time I walked by, I stopped to listen - just fantastic.

They didn't stop until after 7pm.

Let's hope tomorrow and the weekend are similar.

Sara x


  1. Hello - I'm not sure why but none of your photos appeared in this post, which is a shame as your descriptions of misty walks and bluebells sounded wonderful! x

    1. Goodness - I wonder what I've done! I changed some Picasa privacy settings. I'll go back and sort it out as soon as I can. Thanks for letting me know! X