Saturday, 6 December 2014



I hope you've all had a good week.  It has been grey, damp and thoroughly miserable here.  I have been writing lists of things that need to be done to get everything organised and ready for Christmas.  I seem to have spent longer writing lists that actually making any progress.  I don't know where to start, what I want to do and what I should do don't tally, and I therefore avoid doing anything!  Hence I'm writing this!  I think it's a common problem at this time of year.

This morning has been beautiful.  The sun is shining and there was a heavy frost last night.  Matt has gone to watch rugby, but as he isn't playing, I decided to meet a friend more locally.  We drank hot chocolate and ate mini doughnuts, and discussed what we should do this afternoon.  

Before I went out, I made time to take some photos.  The only time my camera has been out this week!  

The sun is streaming in to my home.  So much so, that I hadn't realised the boiler had gone out, and the heating hadn't come on this morning!  (I only realised when Matt went for a shower and there was an absence of hot water!)  A cold water shower did not make my teenager happy.

Smudge is a very elderly lady now, and spends pretty much all her time indoors and asleep.  This morning, she was determined to find the sun too.  My crochet cushion was the perfect spot, until the sun moved.

I love noticing how the frost makes the plants appear.  I never tire of frosty photos.

If there is a negative though, I do wish the sun wouldn't hi-light the dust quite so efficiently as it shines through windows that suddenly look filthy!  Something else to add to the list?  Probably not!!

Wishing you a happy weekend.

I really am going to try and tick one or two items off my list this afternoon.  

Maybe .......



  1. Some beautiful, wintery pictures. Now the wedding is over I have given up with the lists and am just enjoying each day as it comes.

    1. I hope to be in a position to sit back and enjoy it by next weekend, but this week is frantic. I don't want to start getting organised so early that I'm done by October, but on the other hand, I think a little more early organisation this year would have been beneficial!

  2. Hi Sara, gorgeous frosty close ups, a cute kitten, and colourful crochet....perfect.
    My windows looked terrible too!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Jacquie x

  3. Beautiful beautiful icy photos. I do love the 'dusting' that frost gives, almost as if sprinkled in sugar crystals. I also love the way cats always find the best spot and don't care where it is as long as it is in the sun and comfy!

  4. Beautiful frosty photos. I'm envying you your lists and hot chocolate. What a nuisance about the central heating, I do hope it's easily fixed. Enjoy your Sunday Sara. CJ xx

  5. Little Smudge is adorable. I love elderly little cats, they have sweet little ways. She looks very happy there on the blanket doesn't she?

  6. These are such beautiful photos, Sara. I really enjoyed them all. It's nice to see Smudge and that lovely crocheted blanket she's lying on. I hope you're having a good weekend.

  7. I've managed to get a few things off my list but no sooner have I checked them off than something else appears! Windows are certainly not going on until at least February ;) Beautiful frosty photos - brrrrrrrrrr x Jane

  8. Your photos are beautiful Sara, you have captured the frost on the rose especially beautifully. I hope that the boiler is working again and that you have hot water again. The sun is trying to come through here, so I hope that it stays and that it is on the way to you if it isn't there already. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday - that we spent driving!! At least it made the driving easier. xx

  9. I love your icy photos !!! very good idea from you get your camera only at this time !!!! Thnaks for sharing them with us !! Have a lovely day !

  10. Lovely frosty photos Sara and very seasonal. Life is pretty hectic around here too. Generally I'm quite an organised person but somehow Christmas preparations and all the paraphernalia around it just blow me away. Love all the hustle and bustle though. Talking about lists, I've been known to do a chore and add it to my list just so I can cross it off - how sad is that! Your card should be winging its way over to you during the next few days by the way. :)) P x

  11. I do love a frosty morning, well as long as I'm snug indoors, anyway. Looks like Smudge feels the same way. Lovely pictures Sara.

  12. Such beautiful photos. I have to confess that when I saw the picture of Smudge, I thought it was a little kitten until I read your post. You can whisper that in her ear and make her day now! :) Suzy x

  13. I so agree with your comment on Cosy Toes blog about the pressure to make Christmas perfect. For many people, it just isn't this time of jollity and happy families, and even for those who project this image, often there are flaws, upsets, disagreements put aside for just the one day when they can all play happy families. And of course, there are those who have nobody to share it with. I tend to think life would be awfully boring if it were perfect, even for some of the time! What would we have to moan about?
    Love your cat, and like the previous comment, I thought she was a kitten too. Adorable.

  14. it's a subject that gets me really irate (if anyone will listen). Unrealistic expectations of a wonderful Christmas dinner, all freshly prepared, children playing, and smiling with their new toys ........ The reality is usually very different, and should still be appreciated and enjoyed, in my view, but it's all to easy to feel stressed, undue pressure and eve that you have failed. Actually, I love Christmas, but my expectations of myself have got less over the years - I know that I will burn something, or forget to cook something! :) Have a great weekend. x