Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Decorations

Ending the term yesterday with a wonderful carol service, meant that today was the first day of the Christmas holidays for us.  So it was the day to decorate the house.  A long lay in for Matt, and a PJ day for me.

I started the day by putting the marzipan on the cake, and then made mince pies.  By then, Matt was awake and got the decorations down from the loft.

Smudge wasn't impressed with the days activities!

Assembling the tree.  Real trees are great - but have just got too expensive for us.

Have you made one of Cherry Heart's Christmas tree skirts?  I love it! :)

I've also loved the way the sun has streamed in to my house all day.

Not sure what to say about this one?!

The playroom tree.

Dining room decorations - can you see the crocheted baubles?
I might need to take another photo tomorrow so you can see them more clearly.

My front door.

The tree in the lounge casts a glow over the whole room.  I love it, father-in-law hates it.  Good job he doesn't live here!!

The talking teddy - we've had him since Matt was little.

My crochet advent garland - enjoying this again this year.

I've moved the snowflake garden to my kitchen window this year.  Can you see my poinsettia?  I've had it just over a week now, and it hasn't dropped a leaf yet - some sort of record for me.  They are always bald before Christmas Eve!

Well, I'm working through my list - albeit slowly.  I have hardly started wrapping presents, and my craft list is still long, but now that school has ended, life will hopefully be a bit more relaxed with a bit more crafting time.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.



  1. School ends for us on Friday, then 2 whole weeks off - and boy am I and my colleagues ready!! What with OFSTED (good!) and more students than ever. Your home is looking so festive and pretty.


    1. Is that a late finish for you this year? It doesn't seem to give you much chance to draw breath before Christmas. I have to say it's a very nice feeling tonight knowing that we won't be rushing around tomorrow. x

  2. Lovely festive decorations and a lovely view from the window! x

  3. It is all looking beautiful, enjoy your time off.

  4. Your trees look great!!! I love the crocheted tree skirt, you kept that very quiet!! It looks fantastic with the tree though, very coordinated! I hope that you enjoy the Christmas break. xx p.s. I love that your fil doesn't like the tree - go for it!!!! xx

  5. I've never seen the tree skirt before - it's gorgeous! We've still got a week to go at school but so looking forward to the two weeks off - and then the days start getting longer again! Your house is looking really festive - and I love the glow! Jane x

  6. What beautiful decorations, good job! And I love the crochet baubles and crochet garland, brilliant. Thanks for the card Sara, it arrived on Friday, it's so pretty, I'm very impressed. The tree is up here too, and just one more week of school to get through. Oh, and that big long list that I haven't actually written yet... CJ xx

  7. Major envy at your break - we only only get xmas and boxing day off, fortunately the weekend follows so we do get 4 days but I need more time BEFORE then to get ready! It seems it is not just my teenage lads that got stuck into the decorating spirit - Nice one Matt. Thank you for your card, it landed on Saturday - shaming me into getting my cards out and written...oops!

  8. Your home looks so cozy and Christmas-y! I'm glad you're on break - you'll have lots of time to finish up all your projects. I love the way the lights on you Christmas tree cast such a beautiful glow. Merry Christmas!

  9. You have such lovely decorations, I love the crochet garland, I was hoping to make one this year but am running out of timexx

  10. Your trees look lovely (what do FiL's know) We used to always have real trees but the cottage isn't really big enough to take one. So we have the old faithful that has been dragged out for the last couple of years but might have to retire this one next year and go for a new one.

  11. Lovely, all lovely. Your home looks so cosy and inviting. I love the colours you used to crochet your Christmas tree skirt. x