Sunday, 28 December 2014


Hi there

How is everyone feeling?  I don't think I need to eat again until the New Year - at least.  But I know I shall reach out for the chocolate tin again this evening!

It has all gone smoothly here - which is a relief!

We went out for a Chinese meal on Christmas Eve, before going to the Midnight Mass service at Matt's school.  I love going to this service.  A bit of an effort to keep going, and I often think around 10.30 that perhaps I'll have an early night, but it is always worth it.  Beautiful carols, and candlelight, and a time to remember what we are actually celebrating.

Then it was just the 3 of us for Christmas Day.  My family and Mark's family are complicated and not all local, so to spend the big day alone avoids and issues of  any "favouritism"!

The weather was glorious and we made it out for a lovely walk to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and so that Matt could use his new camera.  He is having great fun with it - a GoPro.  A tiny little camera which can be put on cycle helmets, strapped to your chest, held at arms length, attached to a dog ........  Amazing results for something so teeny!

Boxing Day was the turn of my family to visit, and eat and drink. (Please don't count the number of bottles in my recycling bin!)

Now my guests have all gone, and the bedding has been washed and changed, floors hoovered and washed and the house tidied.  Mark took Matt to play golf today - again glorious sunshine, and I have enjoyed having the radio on, and some peace to potter around.  I have tidied my yarn stash!!!  And frogged the cowl I had started making on Christmas Eve - I think it was the stitch rather than the yarn.  That is what I am hoping anyway.  I shall spend some time on Ravelry this evening trying to find an alternative project for the yarn - a very soft cotton aran.  Nothing has leapt out at me so far.

Now the pretty bit - photos from our walk on Christmas Day.

Matt insisted on wearing the hat from his cracker over the top of his hat. :)

The light has started to fade and the temperature dropped quickly

But still time for a game of "Pooh Sticks" and I won!

This little fellow was singing very loudly!

Almost home - this is the school Chapel where we went on Christmas Eve.

I hope you can all enjoy this week - whether you are back to work or having a break.

Take care.



  1. Hmm I know what you mean about eating too much, feeling a tad full myself! Lovely post and your walk looked wonderful. P x

  2. Families at this time are complicated whatever...... magical woodland photos - have a Happy New Year x

  3. What a beautiful chapel, and a lovely Christmas walk as well. We did a little one too, and we saw a family with their party hats on, it made me smile. It's lovely to get the house back to normal isn't it, and an evening browsing Ravelry is a good evening indeed. Enjoy, and I hope you find something you love. CJ xx

  4. I'm glad you had a good time! I hope that normal life doesn't return too quickly and that you can enjoy some more time doing fun things before getting totally back to day to day life. xx

  5. I love the way your son seems happy and celebrated. Good mama.
    I like your blog! I am a knitter and a baby crocheter. I'm still learning and need a "right beside me" tutor. I do love Attic 24! Always inspiring!
    I hope your New Year's celebration is special!

  6. I love your photos! Your walk looked lovely and you had me at the game of "Pooh Stix"!

    I found your blog through a fellow blogger, and would love to keep in touch! It would make my day if you stopped by my blog sometime and said hi! -

  7. Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxed Christmas Day with a good walk Sara! Lovely photos. We had a good Xmas too but I'm glad its nearly back to normal.
    Hope you find a good pattern for your frogged yarn, and wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Gill xx

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I soooo look forward to keeping in touch over 2015!! Happy New Year new friend!

  9. Such lovely scenery. I would love to get a GoPro but then I realized it would be the most boring video footage around. It would be me going to work, going to the grocery store, coming back from work and maybe an occasional workout (which might be the only comical part). Glad you had a relaxing Christmas day. Happy New Year!

  10. My goodness you are been busy, I haven't even tackled the guest rooms yet! Lovely photos, that camera sounds interesting.