Sunday, 27 October 2013


Whilst Matt has been away in Biarritz, playing rugby and having fun with the school team, we worked, and have managed a couple of days away.  Not quite Biarritz, but Winchester was really nice.  It was quite a luxury to have a grown up "little holiday".  In fact the last time we went away on our own was when Matt was away with school.  It does seem very expensive child minding, if I'm honest!

Assuming you don't want to view my entire collection of photos - over 100!  Whoops!!

Here is a flavour of our little trip……

Using Tesco vouchers we stayed in this hotel

Once we had unpacked, we went for a walk along the High Street - such blue skies for an October day (not like now at all!!)

An unusual drainpipe

The Great Hall
Inside you can see the Round Table

Beautiful walk along the river, past the Mills

King Arthur

Stunning Autumn colour

Peace & Tranquility

Medieval Stables as we approach the Cathedral

Our hotel room overlooked the side of the cathedral.

The following day we went inside.

Jane Austen is buried in the cathedral

11th Century ceiling and wall paintings, which had only recently been re-discovered.

We spent several hours in the Cathedral.  Not something we could have done if Matt were around!  Bored and grumpy teenagers don't add much to the occasion.

We also managed a trip to the theatre.  If you get the opportunity to see this show - it was brilliant.  We are not dance fans, but fancied a theatre trip whilst we were away - and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Keep warm and dry, and lets hope the storm isn't as bad as the forecast.
(And that Matt gets home from France safely in the morning!)



  1. Lovely photos, I love the kite flying sculpture.

  2. Like Hawthorn, love the kite flying sculpture. It might be expensive baby sitting, but great that you took advantage of being able to get away. Hope that Matt gets home safe and sound, I am sure that he will xx

  3. I'm so glad you got away. I would love to visit this place, it looks so old! I know "old" doesn't seem like a great criterion but the whole idea of how very OLD things are there is so fascinating to me.

    1. It really was incredibly "old". Quite an amazing place. I don't recall going any where you could see so much history - shame about some of the newer concrete buildings. I didn't photograph them!

  4. What a lovely place, looks like you had a great few days! :) x