Sunday, 6 October 2013

It's Finished!


 After a few many months

It's finished!

Worth the wait?

Matt thinks so!

Thank goodness

Now what shall I do next?

PS - Just in case you didn't recognise it - the pattern is Lucy's - here


  1. Lovely!
    I find that when I am making a blanket, I look forward to finishing, then suddenly when it is finished I have this heightened need to make something new! Well done - it looks excellent on the bed :)

    1. This has been a long project, and I've got distracted along the way! But I'm really pleased with it, and have decided I need to make a cushion to match!

  2. Oooh it's gorgeous Sara. No wonder your son loves it. I need to get on with the blanket I'm making for my middle son ( youngest of my twins, but I call him middle son on my blog )
    I loved your Yarndale posts too...I've only just read them and they were excellent.
    Have a great week
    Jacquie x

  3. It looks beautiful. I can see why your son loves it. I just finished a ripple too, baby-sized. I'm a new follower and am really enjoying your blog. I meant to introduce myself sooner. :)

  4. It's lovely Sarah, I'm wanting to do one too but I'm being swayed but a Nanny Mcfee at the moment....who knows! :) x

  5. Well done it looks lovely.I really enjoyed reading about your time in Yarndale.

  6. Hello Sara, just found your blog and wanted to say that your ripple is lovely, I do so admire all crochety people who can do these! Lovely also to see some different Yarndale photos, looks as though you had a great time! Looking forward to popping by again to read some more.

  7. It is fantastic! I love the way you spaced the colours. One day I'll pluck up the courage to make a ripple, one day... xx