Saturday, 19 October 2013


I don't know where this week has gone.  I knew I'd been busy in the office, but didn't think it had been that onerous, so I am not sure what happened with my time.  I think that when I've had some free time, it has been grey and raining outside, and I've been in the office when the sun has come out.  Matt had a rugby match on Thursday which we watched.  Not the boys best performance, maybe they held back as some of them are off to France tomorrow on tour?  (Lucky boys - not so lucky mum having to get him to the airport for 5am!  Do Sundays really start at that time?  Not for many years here!)  And I really can't think what else I've done!
But I certainly don't recall sitting down either - so it must have been something!

I have seen some lovely Autumn inspired photos, and colours on various blogs this week. The leaves here aren't such vivid colours yet.  Another week or so I would imagine.

Today, has been spent washing kit which came home from school yesterday, getting it dried and ready to be packed.  My husband helped my son pack, which left me with a couple of hours to do the garden - except it rained, really, really hard.  So, I had no
option, but to craft!  So with other peoples Autumn ideas buzzing round my head, I thought I'd make a couple of cards.

Choosing my colours

Cutting out


Two finished cards

Now for an early supper in view of the early start tomorrow. 

Thanks for popping by - enjoy your weekend.



  1. Very pretty cards Sara! I hope that tomorrow doesn't come too early in the morning for you.

  2. Lovely cards - They look brilliant with autumn colouring x

  3. Your cards are so pretty. I love the leaf cutouts. I make my own cards too, but I just use ink stamps and washi tape. I would love to move up to fancier things someday.

  4. Such pretty leaves :)

    The only time here when Sundays started at 5 am has been when they were just continuations of Saturdays! And that's a case of 'those were the days'!

  5. What delicate patterns on the cards, you've captured those leaves beautifully. On Radio 4 tonight they were saying that autumn this year is about 2 weeks behind where it usually is, as it's been so mild. Which explains why the leaves are still changing - we just have to hope they get time to change into pretty colours before the winds blow them all off the trees, apparently! x

    1. Looks like the wind and rain may win today!

  6. That looks very effective. I think the leaves are falling faster then they are turning due to all the wet and windy weather here.

    Nina x