Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Wet Sunday

Yesterday, the sun was warm.  Pottering around in the garden was so enjoyable.

However, today is somewhat different.  Cold, wet and windy!

When the view outside is like this

A spot of this is required!

Cranberry and apple muffins

Using Lucy's recipe

I am sure there were more when I took them out the oven! :)
A very hungry wet son returned from rugby at just the right time!

And this afternoon, I have sorted my yarn stash!  
I have more than I thought - particularly as there is another bag with my WIP in!

Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Just the sort of thing to be doing on a wet day Sara! Looks as though you have lots of yarn for some great projects there - look forward to seeing them as and when. Amy xx

  2. Best thing to do when it's cold and wet, a spot of yarn sorting! :) x

  3. That sounds like the perfect activity for a rainy day. It has rained solidly here all weekend and I've done nothing but watch tv, craft and eat cake. And I sorted my yarn stash too! x

  4. We had a similar at home doing things day too, the weather has a lot to answer for! I managed to get a fair bit of crochet then knitting done.