Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WIP update


can only mean one thing.....

a finished project!


I've no idea why this took so long.  When I saw this post by Lucy at Attic 24, I knew it would be perfect to use up the scraps left from my "As we go Stripey Blanket".  I know Lucy used chunky yarn, but I was sure it would work with DK and a change of hook.

I'm really pleased with the result, and I think it's quite nice to have a matching cushion and blanket in the lounge.

I also finished a card for a friends birthday - just in time to be delivered tomorrow.

And finally - look away if you are squeamish.  Easter ended with a quick trip to A&E!  

Matt took a knock at rugby on Sunday, and despite an awful lot of ice, his leg and knee were continuing to swell yesterday.  So in order to rule out anything nasty, I popped him to hospital.  Thankfully, despite the notice boards saying a 3 hour wait, we were back home in an hour, with confirmation he has just bruised his leg, albeit badly.  He was glad to hear, that he doesn't even need to rest.  He returned to school today, and straight to cricket.  He has returned home, tired but happy.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Sara x


  1. OUCH. A knock is an understatement I think! I do hope it's feeling better soon. Boys and their games. Sigh. I love the cushion, it's fantastic.

  2. Beautiful cushio Sara. Hope Matt is feeling better - that was a nasty "knock"!

  3. Oh blimey what a nasty bruise, I'm glad all was well in the end with Matt. What a great cushion, that's the third one to make on my list now. I've nearly finished my first.

  4. You have been busy, love the colours of the cushion and the card is a real treat. That was some knock...bless him!

  5. Your cushion is looking " truly scrumptious " The knee not so . But so glad no lasting damage done. Boys eh!!!! I bet your friend loves her card x

  6. Glad your son is fine, what an impressive bruise. Your cushion looks wonderful

  7. Poor Matt! Hope he's on the mend now.
    Just loving your stripey cushion Sara, its brilliant! Love the colours, it looks stunning.
    Makes me want to have a go at something similar to use up some of my many odd balls of DK.
    Gill xx

  8. Ouch at the knee! Ooh! at the cushion :)

  9. Hi there, just catching up! Love your cushion and huggy bunny!! Hope that Matt's knee is feeling a little better and looking less battered by now!! Hope that all is good with you and that you have a good weekend. xx

  10. Ouch! Hope he's all ok now. Lovely cushion there, happy crocheting! :) x