Friday, 18 April 2014


Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday. 

I've had an extra day off.  It was my birthday yesterday.  We prised Matt away from his revision and went to London.  I am terrified of heights (and sadly have managed to impart this to Matt), but was determined to go on the London Eye.  

Walking from Waterloo station, this was the view.

When we joined the queue for the Eye, it reminded us of when we went to Disneyland Paris!
A queue for a queue!  But, it was well organised, and moving.  And along the way, there were carrots to admire! (In case you are wondering, there was an Easter Egg hunt for children.)

I rather liked these lights.

Then it was time to go .....
The views were amazing

The Easter Egg hunt continued

I don't think Matt was quite so comfortable with the height!

Then we had a spot of lunch, and then on to Covent Garden to watch the street performers

Brilliant, as always.

Then back to Leicester Square
by a different form of transport.  It was such fun - but must have been really hard work, taking all 3 of us.

Then we had a drink, and indulged in a bit of people watching, before supper, and catching the train home.  A great, busy day.

Hope you all enjoy the Easter break.

Sara x


  1. Happy belated Birthday. Looks as if you had a great day.

  2. I love the carrots in the tree! Happy belated birthday & well done for getting on the London Eye, it looks like you had a wonderful day. xx

  3. Happy birthday Sara, it looks like a really fantastic day. I hope you enjoy the rest of the long weekend. CJ xx

  4. Well that looks like a really fun way to spend a birthday! Many happy returns, and well done for braving the London Eye if you don't like heights. (I'm fine with heights, but enclosed spaces or spiral thanks). You photo of St Pauls is great. x

  5. It looks like a wonderful birthday. I have always wanted to go on the Eye and was just talking about this with a friend the other day. Hopefully someday. I hope you have a great Easter with your family.