Saturday, 5 April 2014

This week


Hope you are having a good weekend.

Sorry I've not been around this week, but I've been visiting my sister.  I could read your blogs on my phone, but I'm not very good at commenting using my phone.  I blame my phone, but I suspect it might also have something to do with my eyesight!

Here's a catch up of my last week.

A lovely walk on Mother's Day with my mum and her mad dog.

When I got home, the boys had cooked dinner for me.  A first for Mothers Day!

Monday, I went up to my sisters and as planned we drank lots of tea (and maybe a little wine) and found time for cakes too.  We chatted and caught up.  We decided we could both get used to spending more time together, not working, and lots of shopping.  Sadly out husbands weren't so keen on the plan. (I must confess there was a slightly expensive trip to the Wool Warehouse.  Such lovely, friendly and knowledgeable people.)

Whilst staying with my sister, I made a pot holder.  No idea why, but it is rather pretty.  Possibly too pretty to be used for it's purpose.

I was lucky enough to see my niece play in her school concert.  Sadly I missed my nephews play, but he did a performance just for me, which was very sweet.

It was back to work at the end of the week, and then Matt played rugby today.  He was lucky enough to be selected to play for the County squad today.  So, I'm indulging in a "proud mummy moment" here!

I had hoped to show you my garden.  In the few days away, it has really changed, but it has been quite dull and grey today and the tulips really deserve to be shown in sunshine.  At least you know what my next post will be!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  A rest (revision) day here tomorrow as it was rugby today.  I plan to craft for as long as I can.

Take care.



  1. Wow, I am really impressed with the pot holder! A stunning piece of work.

  2. Your potholder is gorgeous. The dog is pretty, but I'm interested in hearing more about his or her madness!

  3. Well done to Matt, that's a great achievement. I'm loving your potholder, it's so intricate, and very beautifully made. Glad you had such a good break.

  4. Just loving the nutty-dog-hair-do! I would love to have curls like that!

  5. I'm glad that you had such a good time and that Matt has done so well in his rugby. That potholder is stunning Sara!!!!!!!! Truly beautiful and so intricate. Far too beautiful to actually be used of course, but lovely to look at. You did an amazing job!! Hope that you have a lovely Sunday. xx

  6. Your pot holder is lovely far too pretty to use, well done to your son you must be so proud. Have a good week. xx

  7. Big congratulations to Matt, that's wonderful! The county squad, wow - you are right to be very proud. I'm glad you had fun with your sister. I am seeing mine this week and I can't wait. They don't share my love of yarn but it's still nice to catch up and spend time together. Love the pot holder too - so pretty. x