Sunday, 27 April 2014

More crochet


I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I was going to share another walk around my garden.  I blinked, and it has changed.  The rain and wind this week, combined with some warm sunshine, have brought rapid changes.  The tulips are mostly over, and the blossom mainly on the grass.  However, as it is showery today, I've not managed to get outside when the sun has been out to do any gardening.

So instead, I've finished my Grannie Shrug.  The pattern is here.  Another lovely pattern by Sandra at Cherry Heart.

It's blocking at the moment, but I am really pleased.  Hopefully, if the sun re-appears, I shall wear it this week.

Take care.

Sara x


  1. Fingers crossed for the sun so that you can wear that beautiful shrug. The forecast is not looking good.

  2. You must have had wetter weather than us, it isn't as nice today admittedly. You will have to do a show and tell once you have blocked your granny shrug :)

  3. It looks really nice, Sara. I've always liked that pattern but have never tried making one for myself. Maybe soon.

  4. Lovely Sara! Hope that it dries out and warms up this week so that you can wear it! xx

  5. Sara, it looks fabulous. I love the edging sets it off perfectly. how long did it take you?

  6. Oh, that's lovely. Even unblocked it's nice, I love the colour. x