Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great time wherever you are. 
We've been without power since last night. It wasn't looking great - a bit like this really. Except colder - even with the fire. 
But at least my blanket was appreciated!
There's a few jobs that won't be getting done now. 
Thankfully the power has just come back on - so I've painted my nails, 
Poured a glass of wine and we are off out for supper and then to chapel for the midnight service. 
Wishing you happiness. 

Take care. Xx


  1. Hi Sara - Merry Christmas and warm wishes for 2014.

    Nina x

  2. Glad your power is back on now! Love the sparkly nails.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx

  3. I hope that you have not been without power again and that you are safe and sound. Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2014 will be a great year for you too! xx

  4. Here's hoping the power stayed on, that your Christmas was wonderful, and that the New Year brings you much happiness x