Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Garland

I have been wanting to share pictures of my Advent Garland for a few days - as I was terribly excited when I put it up - well actually my husband had to reach up as I wasn't tall enough!

But my lack of photography skills mean I just can't get the pictures to do it justice - but I shall publish them anyway, otherwise Christmas will be over!

I made the hearts using Sandra's pattern from here and was inspired by Lucy's idea - here.

I am not one to get over excited, but I have to confess I was so happy when we strung this in the lounge - I think it may be one of my favourite crochet projects so far!

Thanks for stopping by - I'm off to go and wrap more presents.  I had an idea to use a Kraft wrapping paper, and make individual tags and paper bows.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the start - but I must confess to getting a little bored of it now!  But the results are very pretty.

Sara x


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    1. I'd great realised that - but you're right :) x

  2. It looks so pretty Sara, you did a great job with the crochet! Hope that the parcel wrapping is going well. I still have to write my cards, haven't even thought about wrapping anything yet!! xx

    1. Thank you - still wrapping and writing cards here. x

  3. Oh so pretty! How lovely and it looks wonderful hanging up :)

  4. It's really beautiful, Sara. I love how it looks hanging there in front of the window. I love the window too, bow windows are my favorite kind.

  5. My favourite place to sit and watch what's happening outside. Thank you. x

  6. This is a great idea.....I wonder if I'll get around to doing one next year! :) x

  7. Well done Sara! If you are a bit like me, you must be feeling over the moon first because you have completed the project and then because it looks soooo good!.I plan to make something similar and some mittens,soon! Happy next project Hugs, Angie***

  8. I love this idea, it's such fun! Things like this are impossible to photograph and I think you've done a good job - the main thing is that we can see what it looks like and how lovely it is.

    I tend to use brown paper for everything - it's cheap, easy to recycle and no need to worry about matching paper to girls/boys/adults etc. But yes, it gets dull, and you have to work extra hard with the ribbons and tags, I find. x