Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas has arrived ....

I am finally getting there.  Cards made and posted.  All presents ordered and arrived, or purchased.

Some wrapped - I'm not totally organised!  Quite a few to deliver still, but I think it's under control.

I decorated the tree and house at the weekend.  I love the theory of decorating the house all together, but in practice it has to be done my way!   So best, I do it all myself, whilst the boys are out.  And they can say nice things when the come back to a prettified, twinkling house.  

It was the Winter Concert last night.  I love hearing the children perform, particularly having seen some of them grow up.  Some started playing the recorder at 5.  It could be said that those initial performances could be a little painful at times, but they have matured in to quite accomplished musicians. 

Tonight is the "School Disco".  Goodness those teachers earn their money.  After supervising house sports matches this afternoon, they then supervise 600 teenagers at a disco - keeping them in the designated areas, and ensuring no alcohol is smuggled in!  Who would want that responsibility at the end of a long day, at the end of a long term?

It's the last day of term tomorrow.  We are looking forward to not having to set the alarm for a couple of weeks.

Sharing my decorated home.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Your tree and decorations are all looking lovely Sara, so very pretty. I especially like your last photo, with the blurry lights, wish that I could take photos like that. The teddy bear looks like lots of fun!! xx

  2. Looking very festive.....yes we are countdown too, that lie in will be bliss! :) x

  3. Lovely photos Sara - and your lovely card arrived in the post today - I am touched - you forgot to forward your address to me so I could reciprocate - wish my house was a chrimbly ready as yours!

  4. Everything looks beautiful at your house, Sara. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. I hope you have a lovely, peaceful holiday.