Sunday, 19 October 2014

Elmer Blanket

Hi there

Sorry I'm not around much at the moment.  The recovery from my foot operation means that I am not out and about as much as normal, so photo opportunities are much fewer.  Although I have an abundance of rugby ones!  However, they aren't really very pretty, and if you weren't involved, I suspect not in the least interesting.

It has been so warm here this weekend, although very blustery. More like late summer temperatures - quite odd really.  Not that I am complaining.  It's just that when I step outside, the temperature isn't what my brain is expecting!  

Matt has broken up for half term now.  He needs the break as he is tired.  So the next 2 weeks will be a little slower, although he does have quite a lot of homework to do too.  He is very pleased that we start the holiday with a trip to the dentist tomorrow!

Yesterday, I spent the day at The Glitter Pot at a card class.  I don't think I will ever be too old to play with inks and do some colouring!  I'm always surprised how tired I am when I get home too.  Probably all that talking to fellow crafters as we "work" hard!  I will share the cards once I've finished them and taken some photos.  But I am quite pleased with them, if I say so myself!

Today has been spent in the garden (after a morning cuppa with my mum).  I've been pottering around, cutting things back, and generally continuing to get things ready for Winter.  I'm quite slow at the moment, but have still managed to fill the green bin, so really couldn't do anymore anyway.

I've also finished some crochet.  A friends daughter is pregnant and her baby is due next month.  I'm really not sure I'm old enough to have friends with daughters who are pregnant.  I remember when Alex was born too - where does the time go?

I had seen a couple of these sort of blankets on various blogs, and rather liked the idea of making a colourful blanket and giving it as a present with an Elmer book for the baby too.

I used Stylecraft DK so it was affordable, and also will be easy to wash and dry.

I hope they like it - it's certainly colourful.

Wishing everyone a happy week.

Sara x


  1. It's beautiful, Sara. I am sure they will love it. I'm just getting started on something kind of similar for a friend's baby. I think it seems like a great blanket design for a newborn. You did a wonderful job.

  2. I am sure Elmer himself would be delighted with this blankie! You've not wasted your foot-imposed restricted time :) It is lovely.

  3. Its a beautiful gift I am sure they will love it, I love the pattern and the beautiful colour combination.

  4. What a lovely blanket, I'm a big fan of squares, I always come back to them, I think they're my favourites. I shall look forward to seeing your cards, the craft meeting sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about the warm weather, I've been out in a t-shirt yesterday and today. Wonderful. CJ xx

  5. Beautiful Sara!! It will be a great gift for the baby, especially with the Elmer book. I love the style of squares that you chose too. xx

  6. What a beautiful blanket - love the colors! Lucy has managed to influence me to rekindle my love of crochet too. I finished an afghan for my daughter and have now started one for myself.

  7. What a fabulous blanket, I love it! And your colours are so zippy too, what a beauty!

  8. That is a beautiful blanket. Lucky baby.

    I'm just beginning a knitted baby blanket too ... for my own daughter's expected baby ... and I certainly don't feel old enough to be a grandmother in just a few months!

  9. What a gorgeous blanket and what a lucky baby. Aren't you lovely. xx