Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Just popping by

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I promise I am still here - but Matt's exams started today and consequently my free time has been spent with him.  Not doing much, just being around and talking.  Although, it would have to be said, he seems remarkably calm.

It has also been raining so much, I really haven't ventured out with my camera.  But everything is growing at an amazing rate, and is very green.  It will look lovely once the sun comes back out - tomorrow should be better I hear.  Maybe Matt will get to play cricket this week?  Both games last week were rained off.  I think it's important to get some down time too.

In the absence of cricket, he played in a Jazz concert.  Sorry, only a photo on my phone.  Most unlike me not to have taken my "proper" camera.  

I have also managed to find a little time to make some cards. 

And a few "Good Luck" cards were needed too!

Combining my love of crochet and card making!  :)  I made the 4 leaf clovers whilst watching some cricket last weekend.

And finally, joining in with Vanessa at Cocoa Rose Diaries and Gillian at Tales from a Happy House, I'm sure I've read a few others over the last few days too, here are my10 random things:

1.  I love chocolate.  In fact, the egg compartment in my fridge is exclusively for Creme Eggs from Christmas until Easter.

2. I hate ironing.  Some things don't get worn as I can't face ironing them.  School shirts have to be of the non-iron variety.

3.  My yarn obsession is not new.  When re-kindling my love of crochet, I found my old stash of yarn which in some cases must be almost 25 years old!

4.  I like writing in coloured pens.  Especially fountain pens, and have a selection of pink, blue and mauve inks.  Which is great, until I need to complete a form in black.

5.  I would love a dog - but Mark won't budge on the idea.  Matt would love a dog too.  It would have to be said that Smudge, our cat, isn't a big fan of dogs either.

6.  I like "helping" with Maths homework.  Or, it could be said I still enjoy working out simultaneous equations.  I'm not sure this is entirely normal.

7.  I run my life according to lists.  If it's not on a list, chances are it will be forgotten.

8.  I wish my sister lived closer.  All the time we lived at home together, it wasn't a harmonious relationship.  But now we've grown up and she moved away, it would be lovely to be able to just meet up each week for a cuppa and a natter.  Phone calls just aren't the same.

9.  I am looking forward to going to Spain for most of July, and meeting up with friends for plenty of sunshine, laughs, seafood and wine.

10.  I drive a very old Peugeot.  If I win the lottery, the first thing I will treat myself to will be a new Nissan Juke.

Hopefully see you soon - but I'm not guaranteeing anything for the next few weeks.  I promise I am doing lots of reading though.

Enjoy your evening.


I almost forgot to say - hello to my new followers.  Good to see you.  :)


  1. I know, you just have to be on stand by at exam time. For the first time in 3 years I 'm off to the Chelsea Flower Show next week as daughter was doing exams for past 3 years and havent been able to go!
    Like your random list - the first made me laugh! And the second, ditto! The only items ironed in this house are my hubbies work shirts, nothing else! Oh, except meticulous ironing of fabric when sewing of course!
    Great post Sara!
    Gill xx

  2. Good luck to Matt with his exams, I hope that they go really well for him - and you! I love your list, especially of course the crème egg department in your fridge - what else is it for!! Your clover on the card is lovely and will be a great gift for the recipient. xx

  3. Exam time is so stressful! Best of luck to you and yours...and I like your random list! Chrissie x

  4. Best of luck to Matt. I hope life slows down for you a bit soon.

  5. Love your list, I only iron when I need to, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I am currently babysitting my sisters puppy while she is in work, it has certainly made me think several times over to me getting one! I like helping my youngest with his maths homework too, in fact I always badger him to see if he has any, the little horror informed me he had completed his homework in secret this week in his room! Good luck with the exams

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys Maths homework! Matt is hoping to take Maths and Further Maths at A level. I suspect I will no longer be able to help!

  6. Love your random list! I don't like ironing either, I don't buy anything new that I know will need an iron. Your cards are lovey - that crochet clover is very sweet. x

    1. It would appear that ironing isn't a popular past time! x

  7. The only time my iron ever comes out, is if I'm sewing or my little boy has a Hama bead picture to press, oh and maybe if the Mr needs to wear a suit (fortunately not something that happens very often).
    Creme eggs are also definitely one of my favourite things!