Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Walk on the Downs


Sorry I've not been around much recently.  Life sometimes gets in the way of the more fun things, doesn't it.  Matt is continuing to revise hard, which is surprisingly time consuming for me too.

I've still been reading blogs, and leaving comments when I can.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

The weather hasn't really helped either.  It has been very wet and grey around here, which isn't conducive to taking my camera out, nor making the effort to go very far!

Today, however, a friend convinced me that we should go for a walk at Firle Beacon, which is on the South Downs.  Somewhat invigorating as the weather wasn't perfect, but it was so nice to get away from the office and spend a couple of hours in the fresh air.

As we started our walk there were several people "slope soaring" (at least that's what I think it's called).  It looked a bit precarious for me!

My friend has a new dog - he is nearly 7 months old now.  He was a joy to walk with.  He found everything so exciting and fun.  

You can see Glynde and it's wind turbine in the distance here.

So many buttercups

Looking towards Newhaven and out to sea.  I'm sure on a clear day the view would be even more stunning (or if I'd taken my better camera it might have been clearer)

Karen bought along a flask of tea and some banana and cherry cake.  Not a bad spot to stop and enjoy the scenery.

We could see Mount Caburn where we sat.  Can you see the rings on the hill - I think that is the remains of the Iron Age Fort.

Time to head back to the car.

We made it before the rain!



  1. That looked an invigorating walk Sara, lovely scenery and views.
    Hope Matt's exams go well after all his hard work.
    Lets hope the weather cheers up this weekend!
    Gill xx

  2. Wow, what beautiful scenery.....yep it's a bit damp isn't it, fingers crossed the sun will come out again soon! :) x

  3. It looks lovely Sara! That slope soaring does indeed look a bit scary I agree!! Your friends dog is so cute, and looks like a very friendly fellow. Glad that you got away from your desk for a bit and had a good time. xx

  4. What a beautiful place! The dog is adorable, he looks like Benji. I hope things settle down for you soon and the weather improves too!

  5. It looks like a fabulous walk! Is it just me thinking that the buttercups are particularly abundant this year?

  6. What a lovely walk and some gorgeous long distant views, We're suffering those study/exam-time-blues too - so know exactly how you feel :) x