Saturday, 15 March 2014

This time last year.....

on 13th March last year - the garden looked like this.

What a difference a year makes....

Smudge enjoys the sunshine in the conservatory

and I enjoy lunch and a little crochet outside, in the sunshine.

Have a great weekend.



  1. That is a huge difference. I remember your snowy March, from my blog-reading last year. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy outdoor crochet, it's a really wonderful thing.

  2. Ah, what wouldn't I give to curl up in the sun in your conservatory. Utter bliss. You've reminded me how cold it was last spring. I remember looking for spring flowers and buds, and there just weren't any anywhere. This year everything is coming along beautifully.

  3. Goodness! Look at that snow! Much as I am enjoying this flourishing spring I have, dare I say, small regrets that we didn't get a single snowflake this winter.

    I hope you have a wonderful start to the new week and THANK YOU for your heartfelt comment on my blog this evening. It was truly appreciated.


  4. Oh goodness, yes, it was the same up here, or maybe a week later. I remember we had a very cold March last year. A cold wind has prevented much sitting outside for us, but it's still so wonderful to have blue skies and sunshine. x

  5. I'm glad that it is sunnier this year!! It looks much more cheerful in your garden than with all that snow. Your crochet is looking very pretty!! xx

  6. I remember that snow! I loved it :) But also loving the sunshine of course

  7. Incredible difference isn't it. I'm hoping we don't experience a late cold snap but at the same time worrying that with the land so little cooled after last summer that we will have a very hot summer this year.