Monday, 26 August 2013

This weekend

Whilst it rained on Saturday - I spent the day at The Glitter Pot at a colouring class.  Perfect!  :)

I will post pictures of the cards when I have completed them - I was so keen to get the colouring completed, that I didn't finish assembling the cards on the day.

Sunday was the cricket final.  An early start - we had to leave the house at 8.30am - with cricket kit and picnic.  We even made it out the door on time!  No mean feat with a teenager and my husband has never got past the sleeping in phase!  Good job I don't mind getting up isn't it.

The boys won - and I think this photo of my son says it all.  And I am a very proud mum.  A really great way to end Cricket week and the last match of this season, as he is back to school on Thursday and rugby starts on Saturday.

Today was spent catching up - it never ceases to amaze me how much washing 3 people can create.  I'm sure it is only a couple of days since I had the washing machine on.  Oh well - all clear again now - for 5 minutes anyway  The grass has been cut, and flowers dead headed.  I took the hanging baskets down as they are finished.  It feels as if the garden is getting ready for Autumn.  I know Summer has been lovely, but it was so late starting, that I am really not quite ready for Autumn yet.  Although I do love the cooler mornings and evenings.  And the morning sunlight at this time of the year is stunning.

Tomorrow - I really must make sure all name labels are on Matt's uniform.  A job I have been putting off for most of the Summer.  I also ordered him a new sweatshirt, and then have totally forgotten to go and collect it.  He has just reminded me.  Whoops!!

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday too.

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