Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring has (or had!) arrived

Yesterday was beautiful!

The sun shone, and it was wonderfully warm.

I even sat outside at lunchtime, and ate a sandwich and then crocheted.  Utter bliss!

Thankfully, I took some photos for my monthly garden colour album, as today has been 10 degrees colder and raining.  Not very springlike at all!  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.  Fingers crossed as Matt has another cricket match, and it would be lovely to watch him in the sun.  It lacks a certain something watching if you have to huddle under blankets wearing 5 jumpers!

Back to my garden - it has suddenly burst in to life.  At long last.

 Can you see "Hector the Heron"? - a birthday present from my sister last week.  He is made from recycled metals and looks very at home amongst the heathers and camelias.
 Beautiful primroses.
 Wide open tulips
 The last few daffodils.  I'm amazed how quickly they have finished.
 I seemed to wait ages for them to flower, and their time is over already
 Stripy hyacinths :)
 A carpet of grape hyacinths
 Bright tulips - these were tight buds in the morning and like this by lunchtime
 These are new tulips this year - very bright and zingy
 Acidic yellow of euphorbia bracts
 Cowslips.  :)  Very pleased to see these as I sourced them from a supplier of English country flowers.  They are doing really well now - but it has taken time
 This one is growing in my lawn and I couldn't face mowing over it - so I went round it instead!

And finally a mosaic in case you couldn't face all the photos along the way!

Thanks for looking.

Off to do some more camera / photography reading now.  I am getting a new camera - we ordered it yesterday.  It is my birthday present from Mark & Matt.  It should be ready for collection at the beginning of June - so plenty of time to read all about how to improve.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sara! Your garden is spectacular. I really enjoyed the photos. Best of luck with your new camera!

  2. Gorgeous blooms. Now if the weather could stay like this for a while...

    Nina x

    1. Agreed! But it's a Bank Holiday at the weekend - so I guess it's unlikely!

  3. What a lot of gorgeous colour there is in your garden! It's beautiful, so many spring flowers in bloom. Good luck with your new camera. x

    1. Thank you. There's even more colour after the sunshine today. I must get back out with the camera, but work has got in the way. Boring but essential I guess! x