Tuesday, 9 April 2013


We had a lovely time in Guernsey, but I came back absolutely shattered!  I am too old for late nights, despite what I'd like to think!  The boys all seemed to enjoy the tour too, which was great.

We left Gatwick in the early evening, and caught a beautiful sunset.

The hotel was obviously used to checking in a group of teenage boys, and we were all allocated our rooms really efficiently (I guess the sooner we were out of reception, the less disruption to other guests!)

We awoke the next morning to a beautiful sunny day.  The boys and coaches went swimming, Go-Karting, and then off for some sight-seeing.  Another mum and I went shopping.  This seemed the better option to us.
 we ambled around the port 
 and town
and stopped for a lovely lunch with an indulgent hot chocolate.

I bought some bargain boots - £15, reduced from £70.  I couldn't resist!

Then it was back to the hotel for afternoon tea and some crochet time.
 It was warm enough to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view.
 There was a wedding reception at the hotel too - I bet they were glad for the improvement in the weather.

That evening we went bowling - well, the boys bowled and I watched and had a glass of wine.

As a forfeit the boys had to wear a large pair of white pants if the ball went in the gutter.  They seemed to wear them with more pride than embarrassment!  I guess that's rugby tours for you!  ;)

The next day the played rugby in their smart new tour shirts.

It was a close match, but they won 17-14 which was a great way to end the tour.  Lots of very happy, incredibly tired boys on the way home.

Back home - I'm sure we spent longer circling Gatwick waiting to land, than it took to fly from Guernsey to Gatwick!  
I can't believe how much washing we have created for just 2 nights away.
Thankfully the sun shone yesterday, and the wind blew - a great drying day.

And now, a little bit of time to crochet some more of my ripple.
I'm taking part with the ripple-along here, but I am a bit behind the others - the end is not in sight for me!

Thanks for looking.

Sara x


  1. I've never been to Guernsey and it looks beautiful. Great photos of the sunset at the airport! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. x

    1. Thanks - it is well worth a trip. It seems a really lovely place for a break. x