Monday, 25 February 2013

Ripple Along

Better late than never!

Here are my photos for the ripple along with Mel at One Crafty Mumma  My son wanted this blanket, so I hope it will fit a single bed.  I chose the colours to match the rug in his room.

I chose colours that matched the rug.

 I am using Rico Cotton Essentials - which is a lovely heavy DK cotton with a slight sheen to the yarn.

 And I've started!  I am using Lucy at Attic 24 interlocking ripple pattern, although not so many colours as she uses!
Only another 5 or so feet in length to go!

I'll sign off now, and might get another ripple in before bed!

Sara x


  1. I love the sheen on that cotton Sara it's looking fabulous!

  2. Great work matching those colours to the rug! your ripple is looking awesome, I particularly love how you've worked the single lines into it too!

  3. Those colours are beautiful!! I'm loving your ripple blanket already xox