Sunday, 17 February 2013

A busy weekend

Wow - what a busy few days I've had.

My husband bought me these lovely flowers on Valentines Day.  We were going to go out for lunch too, but I got a bit pre-occupied in the office.  We had agreed to look after a friends son in the evening (so they could go out) and ran out of time to do anything ourselves.  Whoops!

Such gorgeous colours.  Bright and zingy!

I went out with friends for a curry on Friday night.
And then we went to another friends wedding yesterday.  it was lovely to share such a special day with them.  We met some wonderful people during the day, and feel very lucky to have shared this occasion.
And then today was so beautiful and sunny and WARM here.

Mark brought me a cup of tea in bed - I have to say I am not used to going out 2 days in a row!  I must be getting old!!!
Matt played rugby (a bit different to the freezing rain last week)
Although there was still quite a lot of mud.

Then I walked home from the match - slowly enjoying the bird song and blue sky.

 The sheep looked contented in the sun.

 The horses field is still very muddy.

 And back home ......
 I don't think it will be long before Spring really arrives.

I love this lichen - it almost shines in the sun.
 A cheery little iris.

Crocus are starting to appear.

And the day ended with a lovely sunset.
And a roast.

And an early night!!!!!!



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